interesting. so apparently the drop in estrogen and progesterone during the premenstrual period/menses can cause insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, and vivid dreams, all of which i’ve been having (and which i have been having, at random times i thought before, but now realize maybe it’s actually related to my menstrual cycle!)  @__@.  guess this is a preview of what menopause is gonna be like, and if this is any indication, i’m probably gonna have it really bad when the time comes. @___@.  apparently exercise and diet helps so guess i’ll have to be particularly careful to do that around then (mostly the exercise part… i think my diet’s fairly balanced compared to most).

but what’s interesting to me is from a neuro/psych/sleep perspective.  it would be really interesting to figure out what exactly the connection is between the hormone levels and the brain/processing, as well as interesting to figure out whether the vivid dream content can reveal anything that could be helpful from a psych perspective.  also, if the link between the hormone levels and insomnia/sleep patterns could be established, maybe some kind of therapy could be targeted for people who sleep issues in depression and other psych disorders!  hmmm more potential research questions to investigate later.

also watching the figure skating exhibition skate tonight for the first time ever, and it’s actually been pretty fun!  people dressing in superhero costumes (including capes for javier! and dude, he went through SO many costume changes – i’m pretty impressed! XD) or boxing costumes, and all sorts of funky things (barbie girl, and a tiger (?) suit?) and just having a bunch of fun.  it’s like they’re all so relieved and having fun just performing w/o the pressure of competition.  i wish i could be that way – i get nerves just from performing, much less if i had to do a competition!  but then again, maybe if i had to compete so often like they did, just performing would be a joy and one would have almost no nerves at all.  have to say my favorite so far still was shoma uno’s – he really feels the music and is so expressive, and i also liked the shibutani siblings b/c they just seemed to have so much fun with it.  (small disclaimer, i did skip a fair amount of people in the first half b/c i didn’t really tune in until later ^.^||)  ooh, yuzuru’s performance was pretty too ^.^  wonder if that one jump was an accidental pop or purposeful.  anyway.

i was kind of thinking about this yesterday after our performance too, but now seeing the dichotomy too between the elegant, more subdued/serious, but beautiful, performances by shoma and yuzuru and the more just for fun pieces that people like javier and misha did that rouse the crowd by their antics, it’s interesting to think about the different ways you can interact with people. you can touch people both through humor and through beauty/touching things.  both have their merits.  i wonder which is more lasting though?  i think i’d lean towards wanting people to remember me for something deep and meaningful, but maybe a part of that’s also because i’m not a very good entertainer haha.

anyway!  today i was also invited to a chinese new year meal at a friend’s place for the first time that i can remember here, and it was a lot of homemade food from her grandma (who is a twin!).  they had a decent amount of family there so it was pretty 熱鬧, which was fun, and i re-met someone i’d met at a previous olympics opening ceremony viewing party at their house (whoops, totally forgot their name so apparently never accepted their friend request on FB after haha ^.^||) but it was fun to talk (also @__@ he was apparently 45 but didn’t really look much older than me… contrast w/ a certain someone who’s only 8 years old but looks a lot older – probably a sun and lifestyle difference, though apparently this guy had smoked for 20 years and only quit fairly recently (9 months ago) @__@ – i guess it’s the asian genes lol).

anyway, should probably try to get at least a LITTLE work done today!  ttyl!


also just saw this… thought it appropriate to share here given my post a couple days ago on the new generation… something i never thought about but could explain a few things hahaha XD

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ob/gyn shelf and the best med show 2018

well, today was an interesting day… busy for sure!

first off, couldn’t sleep very well overnight – could have been nerves/underlying subconscious anxiety about either the test or the performance, or it could have been that time of the month, but anyway, woke up fairly early given what time i tried to get to sleep.  tried to study a bit and actually got through another block of uworld before the test (which, at least 1-2 of those actually showed up on the test! i probably should have done more of those blocks lol…), but also got distracted looking up michelle kwan after realizing that tara lipinski is apparently one of the commentators this year (though the only one i’ve been hearing is an older woman, who i think i like better).  but yeah so started watching vids of michelle kwan this morning instead of studying T__T, and it’s pretty crazy actually seeing how she went from an awkward 13 yo (never would have imagined that previously but it makes sense that everyone starts awkward), to such a mature, smooth performance at 15yo, which is the same age tara apparently won the 1998 olympics.  she was already getting into the musicality and grace by that age, whereas when tara jumped in the scene, she still skated very much similar to michelle’s kind of awkward, gangly skating at 13.  *sigh*  rewatching those vids, i still think she was one of the best – even many of today’s competitors don’t match up to her grace, flow, elegance, and beauty really, on ice.

also this morning, of course, i found out that our lab tech had once again, cleaned/dumped my stuff before asking, even though a lab mate DID ask, and i DID tell the lab mate that i would come clean it myself this weekend after my 2 tests this week.  ugh. i had hoped i’d taken pictures at some point as records, but couldn’t find any on my phone, so they’re all gone now i guess. :\  I hope at least some of the handwritten notes are still there…

Then went to take the shelf, without bringing any materials for once to read on the way (partly… ok, mainly… b/c i’m ocpd about letting stuff from the hospital touch my bag and there were to many papers to fit easily into a plastic bag and… yeah anyway).  And of course, ironically, during the middle of my ob/gyn shelf, while answering questions about dysmenorrhea and such, was when my time of the month decided to arrive, complete w/ cramps. i could feel the blood getting out, and also the bloating and cramps, but there was still over an hour left and 30 more questions or, and i maybe probably could have got up in the middle to go to the bathroom, but wasn’t sure i wouldn’t end up sitting there for way more time than i had, so i ended up finishing the 30 questions with a little under an hour to go, and just decided i might as well tough it out to the end and just change everything back at my place. so i did.  but yeah. that was quite an uncomfortable test.  thankfully the cramps this time weren’t SO bad that i had to crawl or curl up on the bed, but i definitely had to shift positions a few times.  lily helped make me some instant ginger tea after i got back which also helped.  thanks lily!

i also didn’t really have time to curl up on the bed anyway, because then we rushed to dress rehearsal, and then barely had the sound check sort of correct by the end of our run before we were rushed out -.- and then came back, did the arm tattoo and base make-up and off we went to there again, this time to watch the performance.  the seats they “reserved” for the performers were pretty off to the side so we could barely see like 1/3 of the screen for the videos T__T but oh well.  the performance wasn’t the best it could have been – i only realized after a bit when we kept not being together that maybe my partner couldn’t hear me b/c they’d placed the mic a little off and so i tried to subtly lean in and it was better after that, though i still got kind of shaky in the middle T___T.  ah well. people liked it i think.  and after, one of my friends text-yelled “ERZA SCARLETTO SUKI DATTEBAYO!” and that totally made my day because he had no idea we were performing (and i had no idea he would be there either haha) and it was so great that someone actually knew what i was cosplaying and what shows the medley was from!!! ^.^ yayyy!

OKAY TIME FOR BED.  oh, and my old ex just msged again – dang, he must really want to talk b/c he kept track of exactly when the shelf/BMS was to contact me right after @__@.  i guess we’ll see what he wants.


holy crack!!! i actually finished all the practice questions for one resource for a shelf before the test for once!!! AHHHH!  finally finished all the uwise questions (not counting the comprehensives, which are apparently random generated combos of the practice questions).  don’t know really how much i actually remember, but this is a momentous occasion so i just want to note it down for today HAHA.

now on to the ~300 Uworld questions that i have left… not sure what has more utility – UWorld or study materials that summarize info, like reviewing notes from lectures and stuff?  hmmm..

also last olympic figure skating competitions tonight!  can’t believe i actually finished all the questions before that. whoo hoo!

WELL lol. obviously know my depression stuff pretty decently b/c it’s the fastest i’ve ever finished a uwise objective (10 questions in 5:02 min), and that includes time i took to write a 2-3 paragraph e-mail in the middle.  (and luckily i did “pass” it, i.e. 7 q’s right, or that would have been a little embarrassing).  but anyway.  gah it’s so hard to concentrate. but i’m close!

random thoughts on the olympics and the future generation.

sometimes, when doing things like say, watching the olympics, it really makes one think about what one’s been doing with their life.  these athletes have trained for so long and so hard, just for that moment of glory, that elusive moment of happiness when you win, and are so inspirational because of it.  yuzuru hanyu for example, has probably thousands, or maybe more, fans across the entire world, just from throwing himself into figure skating, giving it his all, through injury and pain and everything.  and what am i doing with my life? is there anyone that i can inspire?  is there anything i do that makes people want to be better, do better, etc?  sigh.

on the other hand of course, the thousands of figure skaters in the world who don’t make it to the competitions are doing the same as the top athletes are.  however, they get none of the glory, and perhaps the same or worse injuries.  is it worth it?

it’s such a weird conundrum. if you don’t try, you’ll never get there.  but if you try and fail and never get there anyway, but end up permanently injured or broken in other ways while trying to get there that you wouldn’t have if you’d pursued something else… which is worse?

i don’t know. sigh.  anything in the performing arts (and i guess sports can get put in there too since you also have to put on a show in a sense) is so difficult.  no matter how much you practice, nerves can completely mess things up the day of.  i’m really hoping that doesn’t happen on friday, but we’ll see i guess.  i guess i should go practice a bit just in case haha.

anyway, here’s a cute interview with yuzuru and shoma that i found while procrastinating today (and it’s even translated!).  they’ve apparently been good friends for years, which i also think is cute haha.  wish i had a friendship-rivalry like that.  and here’s an interesting article on the olympics and the new generation that i thought had some interesting points.  with both the olympics, and now with the students stepping up and speaking out for reform after florida, i really get the feeling of a change in the air about to take place.  there is going to be a youth (social) revolution in the upcoming years.  i can feel it.   and maybe in a way, the failures of the trump administration are what’s going to be the spark that starts it off.  it’s actually kind of exciting to think about what’s going to happen in the years to come, because i think it’s going to finally be change in a good direction.  while we moan and groan about the levels of stupidity reached through dumb challenges on youtube/facebook and the like, this is the generation that’s lived through multiple mass shootings (and at schools), police brutality, sexual assault/abuse without condemnation at even the highest levels of government, misogyny, LGBTQ+ hate crimes, environmental disasters influenced by preventable man-made causes, higher rates of youth suicide, and so many other things.  and information travels at the speed of light these days with the internet, and with camera phones, so many more things can be recorded such that despite the current culture of calling thing “fake news” if you don’t want to actually do the hard work of learning to debate things with facts, people can show video/audio proof much easier now.  i see so much more passion in young people’s eyes nowadays than i think we did – a passion fueled by awareness and righteous anger, a passion to change things for the better, to stand up for the weak, to push back against a broken system.  and yet to do it in a way that does not hurt people, that is compassionate, and takes the higher road than their opponents and the old guard.

so despite all that seems like is going wrong with our country right now, i can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

UGH.  oh. my. freaking. gosh.  i had a feeling this would happen but we were so close i was like surely… SURELY we’re out of the danger zone. NOPE.

first off, my partner told me at practice today that she really didn’t want to cosplay for the show. it’s 5 days away now mind you.  but this one i should have seen coming, and really, i kind of had a feeling it would happen since she’s expressed reluctance throughout our time talking about it, so it’s like ok fine. i don’t want to make her do something she’s not comfortable with, and she’s already doing me a big favor by being part of this and doing everything she’s done with it.  plus, to be fair, the clothes we had to borrow for her were kind of on the large side anyway, and that show just doesn’t have the most attractive clothes to begin with.  so ok that’s fine – threw me for a bit of a stress loop to figure out what to do (do i cosplay w/o her or would that look weird? should we just color coordinate something formal instead? etc).

but the REAL kicker was just a few minutes ago, when the people putting the show together decided to e-mail 5 DAYS BEFORE THE FREAKING SHOW that oh hey, can you guys change your set to like less than 4 minutes? you can like cut out a song or something.  … really?  REALLY?!  THIS is exactly why i was nervous about them having auditions so late, AND also not having the dress rehearsals planned out earlier in advance.  because i had a feeling they’d want us to cut it down, but at this point, there’s no way we can figure out a way to cut it down w/o it sounding messed up, and/or w/o us forgetting some part and messing up in the middle of it.  it is way too close to the show to change anything, especially since they should KNOW there’s a freaking shelf on Friday (and i also have oral exams on tuesday on top of that).  even in a NORMAL show, you wouldn’t want to change anything the week of, much less when people are in freaking med school and have to study and work super long hours.  ASLDFJAWLETHALWRIHAWLIHRWLEi


i’m reminded why i gave up on trying to do anything for the show the last 4 years or so.  there is always something last minute that messes stuff up, or weird decisions made, or just bad planning.  *ugh* and i was already worried about messing up the thing to begin with.  now it’s like even more added stress and potential for mistakes, and it won’t even be as good as we’d like it to sound/flow musically.  sure, maybe if we weren’t in med school, i’d have enough time to change and practice it.  but we are, i’m already probably going to do poorly on the exams and be very sleep deprived (and probably on my period) during the show… and sure let’s throw a curve-ball in the last few days so you can be even more nervous and stressed about how much stuff needs to be done. wonderful.

so annoyed right now.  this has already taken up valuable study time b/c i just had to rant somewhere. i hope the adrenaline from the annoyance won’t prevent me from sleeping, b/c i’m going to need all the sleep i can get tonight since i probably won’t get much tomorrow to cram from the exam.  sigh.

oh, and guess what they still haven’t sent out yet? that’s right – the freaking dress rehearsal sign-ups.

sometimes, life seems so surreal.  the most pressing personal issues i have going on is the oral exam on tuesday and shelf exam on friday because i’m so so very behind on studying/going through my questions as well as the study guide, as well as needing to practice for the performance at the BMS friday night, and then also trying to figure out both my school schedule and signing up for the usmle exams etc and away rotations and trying to figure out what i really want to do over the next 5 years – all within the next couple of weeks. and working on manuscripts, getting in contact with advisors, etc.

at the same time, we just had Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, and I was excited about posting pictures from our previous photo shoot for that, but then since it was my first time on fb for a while, i then found out after posting about the school shooting that happened, and am trying to engage in conversations on that and gun control and other societal measures that should be taken… and at the same time, the Olympics are going on which brings nations together, and i actually had enough time to watch my first event yesterday night, which was the men’s long program to see who medalled, and that was inspiring (though sad for US, but man, nathan chen and vincent zhou did amazing with their technical ability!) and it’s just like… wow. what is going on right now. my brain/emotions are being pulled in so many different directions, it almost feels surreal.  which, i guess has been the case pretty much every day for some people since trump’s presidency -.-|| sigh.

men’s long program olympics 2018

OMGOSH!!! this is the first year i’ve been able to watch the olympics in FOREVER (since like.. middle/high school) because our condo complex apparently has a contract w/ the internet company so cable tv is automatically bundled with the package (it costs more, but w/e -.-||).  but i guess it’s worth it since i got it just in time to watch the olympics!  even though thus far i’ve been unable to watch so far since we’ve had to wake up so freaking early every day haha T___T.  but TODAY i’ve actually been able to watch the men’s figure skating long program and will hopefully get to see the medal so YAY!!!

it started out pretty rough honestly – a ton of falls from the first few in a row (missed the first guy who skated but i guess he must have hit most of his jumps b/c i tuned in when he was smiling at the end of his program). also i think this might be the first time i’ve ever paid attention/noticed people’s faces during the slow mo turns and it’s… kind of hilarious XDD and also makes me feel better for making very weird faces when doing wushu hahaha.

then the 2nd group came out, and there was finally a fairly decent performance by one of the japanese team members, and some solid performances by the two israel team members who went… and then NATHAN CHEN OMGOSH!!! i’d just gone over to a friend’s place and she was telling me about his disappointing performance yesterday where he apparently fell a lot, and she was pretty down about his chances of medalling, though he was apparently the favored to win gold, b/c she said he had a 30 point gap from the first place skater.  well… he had 6 quads lined up in his program @__@ and landed 5 of them!!! his technical score blew the israel team’s out of the water by a good almost 40 points at 127.64. @___@. of course it’s still early yet (we’re only halfway through now), but i think that’s a pretty amazing comeback.  good job nathan chen!!!

love cha junhwan’s hair btw haha (reminds me of masaki’s hair back in the day).  but also pretty good skate.

waiting on patrick chan and hanyu now! wouldn’t it be funny if all 3 medalled?

but yeah, for some reason – not sure if it’s a cultural thing or body type thing or something, (or maybe i’m biased lol…) but it seems like the asian skaters are all better performance-wise (like in terms of flexibility, smoothness of movements, gracefulness, etc), while (some) of the white ones tend to be more stiff/block-y, but seem to get more height for jumps.

ooh vincent zhou trains in both CA and CO? nice! hope he does well too!

in the penultimate group, solid first performance by hendrickx from belgium, though nothing super flashy technically other than the triple combo.

er, kind of a random opening by messing, but beautiful first jump and landing! whoops a bit on the 3rd jump (the first of the combo), but overall i actually like his musicality and he does the comedic part well. generally quite clean jumps, good air, and soft landings, which i personally like because it makes him seem really light on his feet and one with the ice. plus he seems to be having fun and effortly adds things like the splits jump.  “channeling charlie chaplin” is i think a very appropriate description by the commentator. i’m actually quite impressed.  and i think this performance really underscores the importance of music choice (and choreography to some extent by extension) in these things.  upbeat, quicker ones seem to inspire more movement and better skates.  (even nathan chen’s song at the beginning felt kind of oddly dark/slow with correspondingly slow-feeling choreography for a while).

… lol at commentator lady calling vincent zhou nathan chen after his performance, but anyway… but yeah, i can definitely see why nathan is favored over vincent – nathan is a much smoother and more graceful, clean skater.  vincent definitely seems a little more gangly and awkward (probably simply from not having yet grown into his height), but solid performances on his jumps and technical score, and such genuine desire to do well.  awww.  this was obviously a dream come true for him, and at 17 too! 4/5 quads landed. amazing. and omgosh, 2nd place now!! whooo GO AMERICA (and also Asian American pride hahaha XD)

whoa, the next guy almost jumps TOO high it seems like. he has AMAZING air height and time, but i think it’s affecting the timing of the landings. he adjusted well for the 2nd jump combo though, and also has nice, soft landings and clean jumps overall.

blah, my internet died so don’t know what happened to that guy

ah next is rippon, the 3rd american teammate!  not the most graceful, but still decent, and definitely strong, clean jumps, if not the most technically difficult. overall pretty solid performance i’d say 🙂 aww, 4th place so far, but that’s ok. oh it looks like the previous guy got 3rd! wow.

THE FINAL 6 are up now!  whoa, they’re not going in backwards order for this group? interesting.

whoa a little close to the wall there at the beginning.  seems a little shaky to begin with on the first jump but good recovery… ouch on the next jump though.  yikes… his jumps keep looking precarious at take-off like he’s starting out on the wrong angle :\ this is probably gonna be a difficult one to continue without more mistakes.  i do have to give props though to stuff like with this guy, and the china guy earlier who took so many spills – it’s really hard to keep going and try to finish the program after so many mistakes when you know you’ve basically lost all your chances of winning anything, or even pulling out a decent performance. but everyone keeps going as best they can. so props to them. this guy seems pretty defeated already as well, though hey, his overall technical score wasn’t even too terrible compared to some of the other ones. did he injure himself? :\  holy what, he still made it to 3rd?! it must have been his strong scores from the short protram.

holy crack almost hit the wall too on that first jump @__@. landed it and the next quad though. and whoa good save on the next combo.  a little precarious but seems like he’s getting his points so far… will depend if he can get his balance for the next part or i would suspect at least 1 fall. haha seems like he’s enjoying the fast part and comedic play though – nice footwork XP  ah nope, fell on a quad.  good recovery for solid next jumps though.  welp, that’s the 3rd best technical score now so good job boyang from china.  oh man, he knocked out nathan chen from the first spot dang.

ah patrick seems to be getting off to a bit of a shaky start :\  like the choreography overall, but technically lots of little mistakes and nothing super technically difficult.  he just seems like he’s gotten older, which is pretty sad to say considering he’s still younger than me T__T  i don’t think he’s going to place, but i guess we’ll see.  6th place. wow no deductions interesting.

ah yuzuru is leading by quite a few points.  let’s see how he does.  (that look of determination is pretty fierce though! haha and music to match the drama XD). nice, clean first jumps, and soft landings – nice.  so far, strong performance.  whoops, a little bit of slips in the middle but AMAZING saves actually, and you can tell the point at which he got 100+ technical points where his confidence shot up and it was like he knew no one could touch him and he would get gold these games again. his performance after that was so commanding and fierce and smooth. it was pretty awesome.  i guess this is the caveat to having an upbeat, quick pieces – this is maybe the only other one that works – dramatic melody and drum beat, with long drawn out notes that causes the audience to hold their breath and watch with anticipation. not flawless of course, but very strong performance.  206.17 free skate and 317.85 final score DANG. 20 point lead over the current second place @__@.  and vincent zhou is off the podium (but valiant fight!)

great clean first jump from fernandez.  a little shaky on the 2nd, but here again upbeat music seems to be helping his spirits (don quixote apparently? i like it haha).  i’m a little torn between wanting him to medal since it’s his last time and he’s having such a strong start (and fairly graceful too), but it’d be sad to see the last usa person fall off the podium haha.  he’s definitely landing all of his jumps throughout beautifully +/- a tiny wobble in a couple.  oh man. very very solid, near-perfect performance! i think nathan’s probably getting kicked off after this T__T.  he may even beat the china guy.  that was great. good job! (whoa just realized the leader’s booth was all asian at this point lol).  YUP, he got 2nd!!! that means he’ll at least be on the podium finally. CONGRATS!!! he’s so happy awww.

whew, uno also has a very fierce, determined face haha.  uh oh, fell on the first jump though :\  you could see his relief when landing the 2nd jump.  both he and hanyu are very graceful.  whoo, the quad and then all those combos at the end really ramped up the points at the end! @__@ pretty impressive! dang. i guess he’s 2nd maybe then?  wow 1st two from japan and 3rd from spain it’s looking like.  not sure if he’ll be able to beat yuzuru depending on his short program score, but we’ll see i guess. yup there we go! silver medal it is. and aww his smile is so cute/sweet.

wow, what a great program!  and whoa, didn’t realize gold and bronze were from the same coaching team!  no wonder both of them had similar styles in terms of gracefulness and solid choreography and stuff.  nice.  aww yuzuru was so emotional after defending his championship (and apparently he’s the first male to do so since 1952 @__@!)  poor boyang though – won’t be able to represent china on the podium, and america so close! T__T.  the top 5/6 were asian though, which is pretty awesome. XD but yeah, so impressed by the technical difficulties of the american team – both nathan and vincent knocked it out of the park technically-wise and both jumped WAY up in the standings after the short program because of them.  such a shame their short programs apparently went poorly, or they would have been such close contenders!  and oh wow, fernandez got spain’s first ever olympic figure skating medal!  so many firsts happening! @___@

meanwhile, what am i doing with my life?! T______T lol

oh yeah also, happy chinese new year XD.  this is the latest i’ve slept in a week, but it was definitely worth it. ^.^







it’s so weird how dichotomous how med students are expected to be vs. how we can best learn.  for example, med students are supposed to read up on stuff and are expected to know most things on their own, and get quizzed on stuff and not ask questions, because then you look stupid or unprepared. that’s how you get good clinical grades.  so most students never ask their upper level residents, fellows, and definitely not attendings, anything, even if they have questions about it. they just ask each other.

on the other hand, how are we be expected to learn anything if we can’t ask questions for fear of looking stupid or getting a bad grade?

i realize that i’ve basically long ago maybe subconsciously made the decision to heck with the grades, because i just want to learn what is clinically relevant and important.  do i ask questions i probably could have looked up?  i’m sure sometimes i do, but usually i am trying to learn from the practice.  and so, like today, as the first day i tried presenting while memorizing stuff, it was a complete disaster. not because i didn’t know the patient well or didn’t read up on the relevant info, but because i didn’t have the specific order down, and when the attending asked questions, based on the logical flow from what i’d just said, i tried to answer them, but apparently he was looking for something else.  like, if i’m explaining someone had a fever overnight, and he interrupts with “how did she feel?”, the logical thought process was he wants me to describe how she felt when she had the fever right? so i was like uh… hot? i’m not sure… WRONG. apparently he wanted to know how she felt that morning, which i knew obviously was “much better”. so it’s stuff like that that’s like well… how was i supposed to know that that’s what you were asking? if he’d said “how was she feeling this morning”, i could have easily answered that.  or later, when asking about her vital signs in the morning, there were no VS recorded when i checked this morning other than her fever temperature, which is what i said, but then the resident/fellow were glaring and like HER FEVER OF 103! and i was like oh, well yeah, i knew she had a fever of 103 for at least 4 hours last night… if you’d asked what temperature her fever was or what it was last night, i could have told you -.-|| so it was just like blah.  whatever.

it’s kind of funny b/c the guy i was w/ for ob used to complain about how he hated “all the rules and restrictions they put on you in med school” (which apparently is even worse than when he was in the military!), and i was like meh, i don’t think it’s that bad. but looking back on it, i’ve just been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you want to look at it) that almost all of my attendings only cared about the pertinent information, and not the “standard format” of presentation.  i mean, i guess i get the utility of standardizing something like that if you’re used to thinking in a rote sort of way, but does it really matter what order things are in as long as you say all the important information in a succinct manner?? *sigh*.  w/e.  i guess it’s good practice for the next block, especially since i’m going to probably need to get a letter from that clerkship.