dang, voice actors have it tough. apparently one of the very famous VA’s in japan recently had a picture taken by paparazzi where he’s holding a child, and everyone lost it. it’s pretty sad that he had to hide the fact that he’s married with a kid b/c of the fans, and he even issued an apology for it on his radio show.  guess it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as a seiyuu/famous idol in japan.  (i just happened to stumble on it too on youtube where i watched an early episode (7?) where they’re joking about what would happen if kamiya had a daughter, and daisuke ono kept teasing him about marrying his daughter while kamiya vehemently protested… everyone in the comments were like aww he’s so protective of his non-existent daughter! but now it’s like oh. maybe he DID actually have a daughter then and didn’t want to tell everyone 0.o.  (edit: though one site says it was a son? and maybe he hadn’t married yet at that time who knows). episode 484 was apparently when the apology was issued if i remember correctly. but yeah. it’s kinda weird/sad that fans will sell all their merchandise related to a person just because they’re married or have kids. can’t people be happy for their people they like that much? :\

can’t believe this JUST happened too.. like literally last month 0.o

bleach ending thoughts

*some spoilers*

huh. well. that … actually wasn’t as bad as i was expecting given everyone’s moans and groans today. i mean, yes there’s a lot of stuff that really didn’t make sense in the end, it was really rushed and kind of random in how they ended up defeating yhwach or however you spell/pronounce his name… but it was kind of surprisingly nice seeing the rebuilding and rukia’s promotion and then the last two pages were actually kinda cute.  kind of tied the whole series up neatly in a circle – it all started with rukia being surprised at ichigo’s shinigami powers, and ends w/ rukia’s kid being surprised at ichigo’s kid’s powers.  and yeah, it’s kinda sad that rukia and ichigo didn’t get together (although since that’s been spoiled for me all day i was kind of resignedly expecting it when reading just now), but it makes sense considering rukia’s known renji longer (and he’s like her forever) and they’re from different worlds so yeah. also, kubo’s progeny features mash-ups seem better suited than kishimoto’s, and less random. i was a little worried kubo was going to go the harry potter route too like kishimoto did, but i’m glad he showed more the rebuilding aspect and life moving forward, rather than time skip and suddenly everyone has somehow randomly gotten together and has kids.

still think orihime is useless though, and the last fight hasn’t changed my opinion. she is literally like sakura 2.0 except possibly even more useless. at least sakura had both healing and fighting abilities, though she also was never very effective in the fighting part… orihime was defense, and also defense fail. -.-||. or actually maybe the even better parallel is she’s hinata 2.0, since how i view the random hinata-naruto pairing at the end is basically how i view the orihime-ichigo pairing right now (also sakura-sasuke falls in this category as well ugh.)  thankfully at least rukia-renji has redeeming qualities, and their kid looks/acts just like you’d expect – with renji’s hair and rukia’s eyes and brazen attitude. hm. lol. now that i think about it, i think maybe their kid and how it ended with them is partly why i’m ok/satisfied with the ending.  definitely not great in terms of tying up loose ends, but i’m not like WTFRICK like the ending of vampire knight or naruto’s very last chapter.  also maybe it’s partly b/c i basically lost interest in bleach for a while and so i’m just glad it’s done lol XP who knows.

anyway, now i can sleep with no reservations.😄 … though probably a dumb idea to read and write about it since tomorrow’s gonna be another super long day in lab… T__T. will probably end up having to leave around midnight again at the rate i’m going to be able to wake up… *sigh*

lol. stayed so late in lab i scared the janitor. though to be fair, she kinda scared me first w/ the door unlocking, and i also tried to make a point to make some noise as i heard her cleaning her way down the row of benches so she’d know i was there, but she was still like “omg [swears], scared me!”  and i was like sorry… T__T||…

anyway, just got hit with MASSIVE hunger pangs as soon as i got back, so snacking on chips and homemade salsa. yum. and probably really bad for me but oh well.  i guess might as well read bleach.  don’t even know where i stopped last…

in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to try out those breakdance conditioning moves yesterday, knowing that i’d subsequently have 2 days of pipetting for essentially 12+ hours in lab. T__T i have such weak arms lolol… pretty pathetic. T__T.

ah wells. on the plus side, i’m actually generating new data for the first time since like, december, so that’s exciting😀 (well, not counting the microbiome samples, which i’m still waiting on… it’s been like over a month now since i’ve extracted them and sent them in. hope the results come in soon).

in other news, apparently Bleach finally ended today @___@. time to catch up!  i think i’m only behind by a few months.  can’t believe it’s over… i guess we’ll see whether it falls under the good or disappointing ending soon enough. (though i’m expecting i’ll have to stay here until like midnight, so don’t know if i’ll have the brain power to read stuff by then…)


edit: though really guys?? is it necessary to spoil an ending THE SAME DAY it comes out?! geez. still haven’t had time to read it but clearly know what happens in the ichigo-rukia-orihime triangle thing. ugh.

noragami VA crossovers

was JUST thinking how funny it was that the VA for yato = the same one for levi while the VA for yukine = the same one for eren (i even went back to watch an episode of SnK just to remind myself what they sounded like there… can no longer not hear levi as either akashi or yato LOL T__T) and then i stumbled upon this (from http://mysimpleme14.tumblr.com/post/146512168400/noragami-shingeki-no-kyojin-crossover-an-i-just):



A/N: I just found out recently that Yato and Levi share the same voice actor, and guess what? Same goes to Yukine and Eren. It was a big shock for me and I got so hyped up afterwards. So yeah, its Yato in Levi’s outfit and Yukine in Eren’s.

p/s: still can’t get over the fact that they have the same voices I’m dying someone help

also, the more i read/think about it, the more i’m fairly certain fujisaki must be a god that was demoted to life as a human b/c he has too many god-like abilities. so i can definitely see where people are getting the susanoo theory with him.  though i still think it’s possible he’s tsukiyomi rather than susanoo, but who knows.

noragami is definitely my new favorite manga at the moment, which is saying something considering how much i love FT.  it’s been quite a long time since i’ve been this excited/obsessed over a series. (also love how one review mentioned bishamon’s little journey to the underworld to save yato as looking like a cross between Fate’s Saber and FT’s Erza, b/c that’s pretty much exactly what my subconscious thought lol!).  funny tidbit there too – bisha’s VA is the same as ultear’s from FT.

it’s interesting though. the reasons i love noragami are very different for why i love FT. if i had to say something about that, i guess i’d have to say that my love for FT is because the relationships in FT are inspiring, and it’s a show that makes me happy because it shows strong bonds between people.  noragami is in some ways almost the exact opposite, where everything is kind of really sad and broken all the time… and yet… and yet there is growth and there is love and loyalty as well. there’s definitely elements of sad stuff in FT backstories as well though… so maybe in essence i like them for the same reason – in that their overarching message is that we’re all broken people, but when we have people around us who support us and believe in us, we can overcome even the worst of things.  in a way, that is the christian message too, except replace other people with God, and that then we become those kinds of people who can support others, through His strength.

yato’s voicemail message!

OMG. the noragami fan in me is like *internal screaming*😄  apparently if you call yato’s number in japan, you actually hear his voicemail message!  that’s so crazy that they actually bought out that number and had the VA record that JUST for fans! @___@ so cool haha.


edit: apparently it’s because it was a promo for season 2.  also more trivia related to that from fast moon:

“This is because this number is actually being used as a promo for the second season, according to the ad in this month’s magazine:

You can hear Yato’s voice before the premiere of season 2!
Can “Yato’s Phone” reach over 1 million calls?!
080-0919-8100 (toll free!)
*Please note that 050 numbers or calls from overseas will not connect

You might also note that there’s some small text above the phone number.  Japanese numbers can be read as certain letters, sort of like how American phone numbers associate letters with certain numbers on the phone keypad, except in this case, the pronunciation of the number matches a letter.

Yato’s phone number actually spells ku(9)-i(1)-ku(9)-ya(8)-to(10), or “quick Yato”.  His new phone number is literally 1-800-QUICK-YATO.”

noragami/doing art again! ^.^

welp. just spent about an 1.5 hrs (starting around 10pm) sketching a picture of yato, another good half hour or so just figuring out the hair shading (i LOVE the artist’s hair rendering), and then another 2… or 3?? hours inking it. tried out my new pens that i got from michael’s since they were on sale, but not sure it’s worth it, considering sharpie was so much faster. but i guess it’s good for finer work…? i dunno.

pretty pleased with how it turned out though ^.^  apparently in the 10-15 years since i last attempted to draw a manga character (with a reference pic), i’ve at least learned to proportion things a lot better hahaha. and my hand is steadier too, i think, and i might also be faster as well. o.0 weird. guess it’s one of those transferable skills from just living and using my arm muscles for writing and stuff over the that time lol. body awareness/proprioception + better perception maybe? i dunno.  but yeah.  i’m gonna be so dead at the retreat tomorrow lol… worst day to decide to attempt this but oh well. it’s been a long long time since i’ve even had the inclination to draw anything, and even if i sometimes have the fleeting thought, this was the first time i’ve been inspired enough to actually try my hand at drawing it.  also it’s my first time ever tracing over my sketches with anything and not making a mess of it all, as well as my first time actually inking in general. i’m pretty happy with the result, and especially with the hair ^.^ i hope i can draw pretty hair like that on the fly some day!

also fyi: trying to draw from a reference pic on the computer is rather difficult >.<.  you have to keep looking up and down and it’s pretty disorienting/hard to find your place. starting out w/ the right proportions for the face/hair was already pretty difficult, and then again w/ the hair highlights was pretty difficult. but i finally got it mostly there. definitely made a pretty big mess-up at the collar when inking b/c my sketch was way too rough and was too tired to look up and check before starting to draw the line (whoops), and i certainly can do with more finesse in pen strokes. but overall it was pretty fun.

it’s interesting – i don’t actually like the noragami color covers and such as much – i mean, the feel/style of it is kind of cool as a standalone, but it also kind of feels washed out or kind of takes away/changes the characters a little, because the manga (and anime) are so clean and clear cut compared to the watercolor covers. and actually the covers looking the way they did turned me off from starting the manga i think when i’ve browsed over them before.  which is a shame b/c the content is so good.  anyway, just a random observation. usually i like it when things are in color, but i think with noragami and naruto too, b/c of the medium used to do the coloring, it actually sort of detracts from the whole thing, oddly enough.  naruto’s is especially bad because you can see all the marker pen strokes in it. i guess some might like that grittiness/rawness in their pictures, but i tend to go for the more polished ones.  maybe i’m just spoiled from all these digital art things (though then again, i also really love shojo style color artwork like naoko takeuchi’s sailor moon artbooks, so who knows).

OMG noragami’s not coming out until 9/6?! according to this post. T_____________T. that’s 2 months! T___T but at least i’ve FINALLY found confirmation of the release date somewhere so i won’t waste every day of the rest of this month checking for something that won’t be coming T___T.


edit: oh, looks like this is why. ok fine, that’s understandable.😄 also amazingly happy i found a tumblr of someone who scanlates this awesome series and understands japanese so (s)he can tell us news!😀

lololol – just read a noragami review that mentioned how “the glasses dude” (aka kazuma) reminds them of yukio from ao no exorcist, and how “For some reason, I like the glasses dude from Noragami more than Yukio from Ao no Exorcist. After some deep thought, I have concluded that it must be because the Noragami dude has no moles on his face.”  they do look quite alike actually minus the hair/eye colors and the mole, but the fact that they also both have the same voice actor probably also has something to do with why they seem so similar.😄

also don’t know why but the line about concluding that they liked kazuma > yukio simply b/c of the lack of moles on his face was just… hilarious to me.

sing! china ep 4

LOLOL harlem’s face when he finally realized the first guy was singing his famous song hahaha. or.. is it actually a mashup? also so random na ying chose him. but also jay chou’s reaction when he sang his LOL.  wait… all of them pressed it?! are you serious? -.-|| must be an amusement thing considering the singing quality wasn’t anything special… oh. LOLOL WOW. hahahahaha. he was actually the host… i totally didn’t realize… T_____T HAHA. well played troll.

wang feng’s gonna like this one lol. oh interesting. jay and harlem went first. also whoa, his “na ying” sound was actually not bad o.0

phew was a little scared for her a bit haha. also wow she was brave enough to go on stage w/o her glasses o.0 that’s pretty impressive.  and her water buffalo was awesome haha

whoa this girl’s english is super good. she not only sounds, but even kinda looks like rihanna o.0  i think seeing wang feng come down so quick got her a bit emotional actually is affecting her performance a little. but she’s singing through her tears of joy and doing pretty well keeping her composure. (fun fact – didn’t even know this song was sung by rihanna for sure until i just looked it up to double check, but when she sang it at the beginning, for some reason it sounded so like her i just figured it must be rihanna’s song lol).  aww her husband is so happy for her haha awww, and yeah figured all of them would choose her. and now she’s her performance element now that she’s not as nervous anymore haha. aww.  wonder who she’s gonna choose?  and yeah i agree, i felt she was more “rihanna” than rihanna haha.  and she’s 27! wow, around my age!  HAHA and interesting. i was wondering if she was gonna choose harlem considering her predecessor (what i’m considering her predecessor in sound that showed up in the previous contestants vs. current contestants episode last season anyway) was on harlem’s team too.  awww she and her husband are so cute. and omg T____T that ring T___T. i guess they’ve been married 3 years but maybe he never had the money at the time or something to officially propose with a ring. T___T *wahhh*

oh for once, someone’s voice matches their speaking voice/looks lol. i do like this guy’s voice. also… i sorta thought he looked like the alan-look-alike guy from last season… but they’re actually showing that guy in the audience! @___@ are they related?! are they from the same band?? i could see them being related, but i don’t know if it’s b/c the glasses and the jaw angle and slight voice waver technique throwing me off hahaa. he better get picked up by at least one of them… T__T.  aww man. i was worried about this:\  and oh it seems that guy was his dormmate and whoa i guess the other two were both jay and wang feng’s students. and LOL wowwww called OUT HAHA. awww he seemed to take it pretty well.😦  they encouraged him for next year though. maybe he’ll come back if they need more ppl later this season. (that was kind of mean of the judges to compare him to his other two friends though :\)

mer not a fan of this next girl’s showy personality in the package but we’ll see i guess. she seems nervous for this show. she has a strong voice and her raps are pretty on beat so i figure the judges would like her. but really not a fan of her performance style:\  (also even though jay says that he doesn’t usually pick ppl who choose his songs to sing, so far i feel like his track record shows he actually chooses them quite often lol). i’m glad she’s pretty humble though. but hahahaha awww na ying is so happy haha.

whoa! surprising sound. i think at least one will turn for sure for this one. er come down rather. i think his guitar might be a little out of tune though o.0. and there we go. i was a little nervous for him. and awww jay chou chose him. i’m sure he’s very happy since that was who his wife wanted haha.  oh? surprising choice given him and his wife’s relationship but i’m glad haha. she’s really cute though haha aww. it’s clear how much she loves him.

omg LOL this guy calls all his guitars his wives… lol.  i bet harlem would choose this one. probably jay too, and maybe na ying. haha yup there they go lol. he’s totally gonna choose jay. YEAH hahaha callllleddd itttt!

ok shower and sleep time. bye!


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