ahh, it’s nice not having anything to do/any obligations at night for once.  just come back, heat some stuff up for dinner, and relax.

was actually quite productive today (though may have gotten again on that professor’s bad side during our “mandatory PhD meeting” with him this morning, which 1) I forgot about because I had for some reason marked it down as being this Thursday on my calendar, instead of Tuesday (today) until my school’s e-mail alert reminded me of it 5 minutes before (thank goodness I had it open or I might have missed it completely!)  If that was confusing, the calendar I’d personally marked it down on was my google calendar, which is what I normally use, but occasionally people will send out this scheduling thing on outlook through our school e-mail asking us to accept the invitation or not, and if we accept, it automatically gets to our outlook calendar (which I never use), and reminders are set to pop up 5 minutes before.  Anyway, and 2) I spoke up to ask a question, but I guess the way I phrased it wasn’t the best, because right after, he did that “address the class” voice in response to the question – you know, the ones teachers do when they think you either asked a dumb question or they are annoyed at the question kind of thing? yeah… *sigh*.  just can’t do anything right with people these days.  also the SP people don’t seem very happy with me either. ah well.)

er back to the productive thing – actually finished all of the SAS coding/outputs for my stats homework today (other than the extra credit stuff), so just have the writing part left to do.  also going to get working more on my re-write of the paper soon.  but also! going to get rid of a lot of tabs here so i can clean up my windows somewhat, which should also help me feel more caught up/productive.  yay! 😀  so here goes:

since i’m on the topic of coding, here’s an op-ed piece about the problem with silicon valley today, with all these start-ups trying to make cool apps and mobile games and all that.  this is a problem i’d actually talked about with a friend when i’d went back there for winter break – how it seems like no one’s actually working on making products that will actually help the world, and help progress technology. instead, people seem trapped in this get rich quick through a fun app that goes viral, and then, because the turn-around time is so quick, they move on to the next “hit” thing.  this can’t last – it’s not sustainable in the long-term, and hopefully people will start realizing that, and start actually investing time and effort into a company that will make a difference.

on a completely different note, here’s the reddit AMA of the guy who quit his job and spent a year going across the country, talking/interviewing over 100 couples in love.  there’s some pretty good words of (life) advice in there, and you can check out his website as well.  along with that, here are 7 habits of “incredibly” happy people, according to the page.  most of it is common sense, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded of these things once in a while.

and while you’re on that road to self-improvement, here are a few other pretty awesome websites to visit: how to change your (bad) habits by changing your environment, why people procrastinate (eerily accurate), and how to beat procrastination, now that you know what you know about why you procrastinate (which is exactly what I’m doing now).  I actually highly recommend the last two because they are HILARIOUS and have amazing drawings/analogies that go along with them.   I definitely have an Instant Gratification Monkey, a seriously last minute Panic Monster, and often get lost in the Dark Playground (of doom).  In fact, I think I shall go send this off to my sister right now…(haha, re-reading through it, and it’s just as awesome as I remembered.  it has now officially been bookmarked for future reference, just in case :P)

i got interested in disney animators at some point, (probably after reading stuff relating to Frozen or Tangled), so i have a couple tabs open on them – here’s just a wiki page on Disney’s “Nine Old Men” as they’re called – basically Disney’s original group of core animators back in the day, who helped create some of Disney’s most memorable animated movies in the golden days, before animation declined for a while until Disney’s “Renaissance” period (which started with The Little Mermaid).  Speaking of the Renaissance period, a great many of them apparently graduated from CalArts in the 1970’s and made it big through Disney.  Included in this class was the amazing Glen Keane, Tim Burton, and John Lasseter.  Take a look at the article – it’s a pretty good read.  (Actually I think I got to the wiki page because the article referenced the Nine Old Men, and I was curious who they were, haha)

While I’m on the subject of Disney, here’s a really heart-warming story of how one couple was able to reach their autistic son through Disney. Really cool, and shows the importance of connecting with people by trying to see things from their point of view – to make an effort to like what they like, and communicate from a perspective they understand.  And it’s another reason to love Disney 😛

this is not related to disney, but is related to another childhood favorite of mine, which was The Sound of Music.  if you were ever like me and wondered about the real von Trapp family and what they were like, here’s an article that can help shed some light on that.

And now for a few more science-y/health-related articles:
Milk – it does a body good. Or does it?  This article talks about the difference between A1 and A2 milk (different forms of casein, the main protein in milk), and argues that A2 milk is more easily digested and better for you than A1 is.  Not sure how great the evidence is, but it’s an interesting idea.  I wonder if there’s a difference in how it tastes (milk in general tastes pretty bleh to me)

this probably isn’t such a new idea, but here’s an article on how antibiotics might be contributing to our obesity epidemic.  it also goes a bit into the microbiome, which i think is a fascinating topic.

this might be a little technical, but apparently some scientists have discovered the origins of visceral fat (aka “bad fat”) as being from cells that express the wt1 gene, which is also related to kidney tumors (i actually remember that from med school!) interesting.

speaking of tumors, here’s a good resource for anyone who wants to know what the latest scientific info is on the effects of various foods/nutrition on different cancers.

taking a detour to another part of the body, this is one place i would usually rarely bring up, but it is interesting (and makes sense), so for anyone who is interested, here is what the internal part of the female pleasure center looks like when aroused.  on a related note, here is also an interesting article about “supernormal stimuli” which may explain why we get hooked on things that are bad for us.  although maybe we wouldn’t have as much a problem with that if we were brought up in the Middle Ages… some pretty interesting stuff there, and with all the (no offense but…) bratty kids around these days, often due to overprotective parents, i think it might actually do kids good to be sent off to another family to raise. builds character.

here’s just a random article on creationism vs science.  I’ll admit, I haven’t taken the time to read through this whole article, but i came across this while i was looking for actual scientific facts when listening to the Bill Nye vs. Ken Hamm debate earlier this year, and thought it might be a good starting point if one is looking for what the arguments/evidence is out there.

And finally, here is why whale poop is pretty important (and awesome)