HaHA! I feel somewhat vindicated now! 

After our class today, one of my classmates asked if I was who my name was, and I gave the affirmative.  He then mentioned how he was “a big fan”, to which I was a little taken aback and at a loss of how to respond because I had no idea really who he was or what he would be a fan of me for.  He said he’d seen my page on the MSTP website, and how I did/liked martial arts and stuff, and he also knew that I did the newsletter for the MSTP somehow (apparently my name showed up a lot? Not sure how, as I didn’t write very much, but I guess it was in the Editor’s section…)  But yeah, he said actually his graduate program (Cell Bio I think?) are using the newsletters I made as a model for their own newsletter.  Ah!  That made me pretty happy haha – someone is actually reading them!  And they appreciate all the layout/work that went into putting them together, and like it enough that they want to base theirs off of it!  YAY!  So cool, haha 😀

Also just figured out some stuff for the homework by myself.  Yes!  I’ve actually been starting to fist-pump, as of either today or late yesterday (can’t remember… the days are blurring together)… it’s kind of weird since I’ve never done that before, but maybe I’m just too excited at getting things and need a way to express it, haha. Or I don’t know if it’s fist-pumping exactly… I kind of just ball my hands into fists and bend my elbow, bringing them closer to my body… is that a fist-pump?  Not sure what else to call it haha.  

I also finished my take-home test today with almost 2 hours to spare, so that’s good.  Don’t think I did the best work, as I couldn’t finish it yesterday and had to wake up early an hour or so to do some this morning, and did the rest intermittently throughout the day when I was waiting for others to catch up in class.  But at least it’s done with!

On the down side, my right hand’s knuckles have started being stiff again tonight. :\