oh man… the wonders of a metronome.  never thought i’d be saying that, but there it is haha

basically, i didn’t have one for a really long time.  then i brought one back after realizing that it would probably be helpful for practice when i started playing violin again a little more about a year or so ago, so after i went back home, i made sure to bring it with me. that was about maybe 6 months or a year ago, can’t remember.  anyway, so it’s been sitting on my throw-away “coffee table” for a long time now, non-functional because I didn’t have a D battery to power it (thought it used AA’s, but I was clearly wrong).  Finally got a pack of the batteries at costco on a whim one day (expensive T___T)… but put it in my “toolbox”, and it got stuck under a bunch of other stuff and i was just too lazy to pull it out to put it in the metronome on the rare occasion that i thought about using the metronome.

fast-forward to today… i’d been telling my violin student to practice with a metronome for maybe months now.  every time, she’d come back and say how she couldn’t, because they didn’t have one, or because it was broken, or because her brother had it, or because… etc etc.  and every time her mom would look at her and be like, “we have one don’t we? yeah, we can get one, i’m sure!” and then she would play and it would be good enough that we could move on after a couple weeks, and i wouldn’t mention it for a couple weeks until i felt like she needed to practice something with it, and the cycle repeated.

well, finally, today, after she said she hadn’t practice with one again, i finally bit the bullet and was like fine. we are going to practice right here, right now, with this metronome. so i went and rifled through my toolbox thing and got out the battery and put it in, and made her practice with it, upping the speed for a while, and basically showing her what she needed to do at home.  man, it was such a relief to actually have it as a teaching tool for once!  she finally came out and said that she just “doesn’t like to practice with the metronome for some reason” before we started, after her other reasons, and i kinda gave her a side-eye and was like “well, no one really likes to practice with a metronome,” but that it was important in order to get better. i think she finally resigned herself to it after that haha.

funnily enough though, after the lesson, i decided to work on the Swordland theme some more, and after struggling for a while, i was like, you know what? i now have a working metronome. why not put it to use?  so i went and got it and set it to a steady, slower beat for 8th notes, and just practiced for like an hour.  also finally figured out some smoother fingerings as well, and things sound so much better! so excited ^.^  still didn’t fully get the page (still 1 or 2 lines left after the 2nd key change (>.<)), and still playing a bunch of wrong notes, but got everything up to the same speed and relatively smoothly at least!  and it was actually kinda fun.  so +1 for the metronome!  it actually works hehe ^.^!!!

still haven’t packed yet. gah. knowing me, i’m gonna put it all off until an hour before leaving again tomorrow aren’t i… *sigh*  my procrastination (in all things) has gotten expeditiously worse and worse. >.<