When I see videos like this, sometimes I wonder if people own pets not just because they are cute and companionable, but so that they can have an excuse to complain/commiserate with fellow pet-owners (or even non-pet owners) about how the dog/cat/bird/whatever just did [something aggravatingly stupid like tear up all the paper or chewed up the shoes, etc], and get words of understanding sympathy.

me, on the other hand – things like this make me so glad i don’t have to stress over and expend extra energy and time cleaning up after something else for no reason.  it’s like that article recently about how CEO’s or presidents or whatever usually wear the same thing everyday so they don’t have to waste brain space on extra decision-making.  totally get that by the way, as i’m sure anyone who knows me is aware lol.  but yeah.

i’m so screwed if/when a baby ever enters my life.  thankfully that’s not going to be happening anytime soon lol. (hopefully not famous last words…)