ahhh.. i love that feeling of slight soreness all over after getting a full-body workout the day or two before. it makes me feel more alive, and it’s kinda fun tracking which muscles are being utilized in even everyday movements like walking, or reaching for something, via the slight pull of the sore muscles.  as an added bonus, it helps me figure out how to walk correctly, as i’m still lopsided from knee surgery and overcompensation from years ago and often fall into a habit of subconsciously favoring one leg/hip or the other for months at a time.

a group of us had made an afternoon trip to Atlanta yesterday to practice at our fencing club president’s old instructor and his students.  he was apparently a 3 time olympic champion!  but yeah it was quite fun and informative.  i hadn’t fenced in quite a few months prior to this, so probably didn’t get nearly as much out of it as everyone else, who i think have been going regularly twice a week or so.  but it was still good to see different styles and people who actually fence well (and i pretty much got whooped by a young teenager, if that… and multiple of them too lol.  expected, but still T___T).

we also saw a group of people doing kendo in the other room, which i’d never seen in real life before, so that was interesting. it reminded me of alan, a friend from undergrad who not only did kendo, but seems to have a penchant for long, two-handed weapons.

i have to say though – i’m not nearly as sore as i’d be after a wushu workout.  i kinda miss that soreness.  i should start stretching more.  and doing basics.  totally lack muscles now.  plus, i don’t think i should start up fencing again until i build back some leg strength, because takes quite a toll on the left knee, and i’d rather not rip out another knee ligament.  that’s the one thing about fencing – i wish it was more balanced rather than so one-sided.

OH… and I just had an epiphany… THAT’S why I’ve been so hungry all day! HAHA. I remember now – every time after a good wushu work out, I’d pig out so much the next day.  Guess I must have gotten in a decent workout yesterday then haha.  No wonder.  I was just staring at the huge plate of food I basically just demolished in <10 minutes being like “where the heck did that come from??” since I’d previously been eating like… an almond bar for meals the couple days beforehand due to early satiety.  But now it makes sense.

The other thing I’ve been doing lately is actually sleeping early and waking up early.  Like, really early.  For me at least.  For example, Tuesday night, I slept at 9:30pm.  9:30!!, and the day after that, around 10:30pm (and that was only because I decided to fool around on the internet on my phone for a good hour in bed or so… darnit smart phones!  I need to stop doing that).  I don’t think I’ve slept that early in like… well, probably since elementary school.  If that.  @___@  Well, the first day I had a reason – I was shadowing a bariatric surgery the next morning and had to be there at 7am and didn’t want to fall asleep standing up in the room.  And the next day, I guess I was just tired from being up that long.  But yesterday, we didn’t get back from ATL until like 12:30am, meaning I didn’t sleep til around 1:30am.  And I was SO TIRED.   I’d started brain woozing around 11:30pm… which is crazy to think that prior to Tuesday, I think I’ve been pretty much sleeping consistently at around 1am or later for the past 2-3 months and didn’t think much of it, or would even have problems falling asleep at that time.  Honestly, I’m quite shocked at how quickly my circadian rhythm adjusted – it definitely likes the early to bed, early to rise schedule better than the late-night.  (Studies have shown nurses and other night shift workers take a long time to adjust to the night schedule, but put them back on a day schedule and the body jumps right back very quickly, because that’s the cycle it naturally wants to gravitate to).

Qualitatively, I also do actually feel much more awake/alert this week.  Maybe I should actually keep this up! Lol, can’t believe I’m saying that.  But I will have to anyway over the weekend – got a 13+ hour day in lab tomorrow that I need to be in by like 5:45am for, and then will need to get up early the next morning to be able to finish lab stuff before going in for worship team practice and church. *sigh*  It’s going to be a long week…