a caucasian guy literally just came straight up to me as i was about to enter a building and was like “my butt is very itchy.  what should i do?” in americanized chinese.  i was honestly so surprised someone would actually do something like that at our age that i blinked a couple times and was like “uh, what?”  he repeated himself, and again at a loss for words at why the heck someone would do that, especially at this age, i just said in english “uh, i don’t know, scratch it?”  he then gave a little bow and said “thank you” before leaving (to go to his chinese guy friend presumably who taught him that… who incidentally i think is the son of one of the older chinese ladies i used to do chinese dance with… lol -.-||).

i don’t even know what to think.  wasn’t grade school like more than a decade ago?  i distinctly remember people doing things like that in elementary school, but that was as far as that went.  wow.