just got an e-mail from someone i met in socal who is going to be married this summer.  i’m kind of touched that they still remember me and care enough to invite me after we haven’t really kept in touch for so many years.  after talking to a friend recently who said he hasn’t really been invited to many weddings, though he was invited to one of our mutual friend’s wedding while i wasn’t (which was expected), i’ve started thinking about that a bit.  i guess i kind of took it for granted that i was invited to so many this summer, because of proximity and the newness of being friends with all these people (so i was more fresh in their memory).  but it’s true that every person invited to the wedding/reception does take money and preparation – not just food, but also seating arrangements (if people do that), wedding favors (if they do that), e-mails/sending wedding invitations, the space to house everyone, etc.  personally, i think at this point, i think i would have to limit the amount of guests to much smaller than the number of friends (or “friends”) that i consider, just because of the exorbitant cost it would take.  and the whole concept of figuring who to invite or not would probably drive me a little batty because i would feel bad not including people from the same friend circle in case they develop bad feelings, etc etc (but maybe i’m just thinking too much and no one really cares anyway).  but yeah…

that friend was also surprised i was invited to another mutual friend’s wedding, since he didn’t know we were that “close”… and i guess i didn’t think of that either at the time, and i rationalized that well, we were roommates for a year in undergrad. i don’t think that was it though.

so in consideration of all that, i do really feel kind of honored to be invited (though i have no idea if i can make this current one, and was unable to make the last one).  it means that despite our fleeting time together, someway, somehow, a bond was made that was remembered despite the years in between.  so though i often feel adrift and without any very close friends (there is no one i can think of who would really make me a bridesmaid for example, and i would have a hard time picking ones for myself), at least i’ve somewhat impacted some people’s lives.  and that’s somewhat reassuring.