well. today was certainly an… eventful day. super tired right now from a very long day at the con, so will just list the things.  well so the con was obviously one thing – there was some fun games they played, and it was actually kind of fitting almost that the guy who cosplayed as minato did pretty well in most of the games/was generally on the winning team.  oh no my lung coldness thing is starting again.. not sure if it’s a side effect of the exhaustion i’m feeling or a side effect of the 2nd hand marijuana i’m pretty sure i unfortunately sucked lungfuls of during the <30 minutes i was at the con rave (which given the age group that was mostly there, i didn’t expect to have to deal with stuff like this >.<) anyway. >.<

so yeah the minato guy was cool, and same with the shikamaru guy with choji and shino in tow, and i actually saw a decently good sasuke (actually 2 of them), though the cute one already had a sakura on hand… andddd i’m fairly certain they’re younger anyway -.-|| haha.  the volunteer ppl were cool too – and i’m getting ahead of myself cuz i still haven’t listed the other things that happened today yet.

so at the con, i was also approached by a guy (who i know is someone’s son, but i don’t think he knows i know that, or that he was the same guy who told that white dude to “hit” on me with terrible chinese).  anyway. really awkward, and will get into it later when i post about the con, but basically he was being pretty awkward/creepy (usually don’t use that word to describe people, but man, so weirded out) and ended up spraying tabasco sauce all over my erza skirt.  which i was pretty upset about because i actually really like that skirt, and tabasco sauce happens to be difficult to get out apparently.  i was however, very glad that none of it got on my white shirt, and it also gave me an excuse to exit the very awkward conversation, so i guess that was the plus side to it. anyway. had to wash it again when i got back just now, which is why it is now 2am and i am still up.  also still up cuz i’m eating something having felt not right since the rave – again partly hypoglycemic but probably also the 2nd hand marijuana is messing w/ my head/stomach cuz i felt extremely tired very suddenly afterwards, plus a gnawing sensation in the stomach and yeah. very wonky.

also, shortly after the tabasco incident, found out my old violin teacher passed away today. T___T  it’s not extremely surprising i guess, since she’s been looking not really good the last couple of times i’ve seen her, but still… kind of a shock.  still hasn’t really sunk in yet i think.

and oookay loud people shouting threats at each other outside… hate living downtown. if it weren’t for the convenience, there would be no way why i’d ever live here.

anyway. so yeah. eventful day. thoughts on con later, if i get around to it. so freaking tired though, so sleeping now. bye.

oh yeah! they actually had a vocaloid concert today, so i guess that’s also another first for me.  oh that and i actually bought a bunch of posters (mostly fairytail, with an occasional naruto and one one piece one thrown in) for the first time at the store as well.  so basically, spent the money that would have gone into paying for the con into vendors.

oh, and i think another guy wanted to get to know me better, so to speak… he was kinda cute, but i was like dear, you might not know this, but i think i’m significantly older than you… didn’t want to make it super awkward though since he didn’t say anything concrete in that direction.  but yeah. double checked w/ another person later – yeah he’s like a good 7-8 years younger.  i think he got the gist though later… sorry dude haha ._.||