wow, I’m actually following up on posting something I’d said I would post about, for like.. probably the first time! whoo!  so proud of myself ^.^! hehe.  but actually it’s just because i think i need to de-stress.. or de-compress… or something… from the weekend because i’m exhausted but not yet sure if i’m good-exhausted or bad-exhausted, so need to process that somewhere.  and i also feel like i need to write about it so i can move on with life lol. like, put an end to this unproductive stage and start working again tomorrow.

btw, side note: currently eating dinner with food that i cook (mostly veggies and rice) and my body is like OMG WHY DID YOU ABUSE ME SO THIS WEEKEND THIS IS SO GOOD *CRIES*.  yeah, cuz this weekend was mostly like… subway, hotdogs and fries, and leftover pizza, and not a substantial amount of any of those, and i was like dying from the lack of nutrition (seriously lips parched, cracked, feeling off and weird and fatigued and yeah. >.< not fun. anyway).

hm. debating whether to go about this systematically by getting out the schedule and just writing about each thing i went to and experienced chronologically or just start writing about whatever comes to mind.  meh, guess i’ll just go with whatever, since i’m too lazy to go get the schedule haha.

ok, enough time has passed since i was in the middle of the post (above) and now since procrastinating on posting for an hour or so, and i have come to the conclusion that i am indeed exhausted, which sucks, but i do kinda miss the con, so that means it must have been decently fun haha. but yeah!

ok now i’m tired again so this will likely be shorter and less coherent than i would like, but that’s all i can do for now.  (wow, who would have guessed that of all things, a con would be what gets me back to a normal sleeping schedule?)

so i ended up going to a lot more voice actor panels than i expected, mainly because there wasn’t anything else going on that i was interested in (and/or because the event i meant to attend ended early). ok let me back up.

kami con is interesting, and possibly unique, in that it is a (mainly anime) con that actually has an ongoing story line that adds on each year.  con-goers can affect the storyline based on certain events that are scattered throughout the con.  this year, for example, there was capture the flag, human checkers, dodgeball (apparently the highlight of the con each year), a ball-throwing kinda hopscotch-esque game but not exactly, shooting targets, and a pizza eating contest. i hope i didn’t leave anything out. anyway, all of these were wrapped up with an anime theme with an accompanying character, and there was a twist on the rules.  i think the dodgeball and shooting contests were the most interesting, though i wish more people could have participated in the latter – i think that would have been more fun.  but anyway.  (side note: the events were how i first noticed the minato guy actually, cuz he was actually quite good at most of them, and i thought it was amusing that he was living up to the character he was cosplaying as.  he actually won the gun duel by the way, which was pretty awesome.  as an aside, i will admit that i did sort of look for and was a little bummed at not seeing him around today – either he wasn’t in cosplay or just wasn’t there, but ah well. with my luck he was probably too young for me anyway. plus he was shorter than me and totally unlike minato personality-wise haha. aand he may have been there with a girl (?) but anywayssss… this is gonna sound kinda weird, but after not really meeting new people for a while and not being interested in people around/they are all WAY TOO YOUNG, it’s kinda nice to know i can still get tiny temporary crushes (or whatever you would call that) on random people LOL -.-||).

so anyway, i made a point to attend all the events, at least part of the time, because well, that’s what kami con’s known for and one of the main reasons i decided to actually check it out last minute (the others being that it is so close by, and because if you volunteer at least 8 hrs for it, your pass fee gets reimbursed).  some of them were pretty fun, but a few of them dragged on, especially with the MC’s and back and forth dialogue that sort of dragged it out even further -.-||.  this year was also apparently the first year the con-goers failed, so closing ceremonies was a bit sad on the plot end of things… but there’s always next year!

so yeah, sometimes the events would drag, but other times they would end super early, and in those cases, if there was nothing else i was interested in going to, i would check out the voice actors’ panels just to see what they were like.  all of them ended up being pretty interesting.  bryce papenbrook’s was actually surprisingly awesome (basically he was giving us examples of reactions in anime that we would try to do together as a crowd after, with hilarious results).  he was also really funny and obviously enjoying himself (or he’s a really good actor lol), and now i understand why he gets invited to, well… pretty much every convention i’ve gone to so far (3) or was interested in checking out.  christina vee is much cutesier than i thought she would be in person, especially given the characters she voices.  but she also was the first voice actor to finally answer one of my questions about the voice acting process in a satisfying way, so i was very glad to have gone to see her (she’s also very nice).  actually all of them are very nice.  anyway.  apphia yu reminded me SO much of one of my high school friends when we were in high school (she is actually here in AL with me right now!) so i texted her about it lol.  super cute, fairly talkative, but very … i guess in a way very certain type of anime-girl ish. haha!  i think she and micah solusod (interesting last name, wonder what ethnicity that is?) are dating? but anyway, both of them did “lightning rounds” at the end of their panels so that was interesting (i bet it would be fun to practice that together as a couple), and he was also really funny and down-to-earth.  i liked both of them a lot.

interesting. so scanning the other guests who i missed, it looks like i basically missed all the other special guest panels who are internet-famous (little kuriboh, nostalgia critic, creepypasta, team 4 star, etc).  oh!  SAD entertainment was actually a REALLY good panel – i missed out on a couple of their talks, and one of them actually couldn’t be here because of an illness, but he skyped in for the talk on acting 101, and it was a nice intimate group where he shared lots of tips and was super real with us, so that was nice.  the two comedian things i went to were decent – it was apparently aaron pabon’s last stand-up ever, so that was interesting to go to (as my first time hearing him), and laugh out loud had a pretty good thing going in the last show i saw them in (the first one i saw with them i was more like meh, but the last one was good).

and onto rufflebutt cosplay.  i wasn’t sure what to think of her honestly – she showed up briefly in the opening ceremonies and i thought she was kinda cute in an awkwardly funny way, and then going into her panel she was like, still that way and i thought she was pretty funny, but then she was also pretty intense and i was like dang. o.0 but not in a bad way.  she really knows her stuff and that was pretty awesome (not great for me who doesn’t know all these fancy sewing terms, but she was patient in answering questions).  and she shared a little of her own story too, which was cool.  she also gets major major prop points in my book after the 2nd panel i went to with her today, because she 1) shared about her own experiences of being creeped on by guys at dragoncon (and also recapped again how she told him off and got him shamed lol) but also 2) she is a very strong advocate for “Cosplay is not consent” and speaking out and making movements with that, so i was very glad to see that prominent cosplay people are speaking out about important issues like this.  especially because my impression of dragoncon took a questionable nose-dive after hearing that girl talk about getting raped at it when i was in the bathroom at AWA… because she was so casual about it and acted like that was pretty normal for dragoncon.  and now w/ rufflebutt speaking out (and she seems like a pretty confident person, at least outwardly), dragoncon seems to have a non-shortage of creepers and sexual harrassment, which just shouldn’t happen. cons should be a safe place for people!  oh and she also made an interesting point that i’d never thought of.  she said that it might be because at predominantly anime cons (like kami, momo, or awa), this isn’t much of an issue because there are a lot of strong girl characters in anime, who are either the leads or 2nd leads, or they “eventually find their way” (she said of Sailor Moon lol), or they are strongly supported somehow, so if people grow up watching anime, girls are more respected.  whereas in a predominantly American comics, superheroes, videogame world (like dragoncon), the portrayal of women is much weaker, so that might be why there’s so much more of a problem there.  now that i think about it, that’s kinda true (at least anime-wise, don’t know as much about the other stuff).  i would consider kagome pretty strong, and sailor moon of course is all about girls, and there’s lots of mainly girl characters, and even though i immediately of course think to like orihime as the definition of “weak girl character” or hinata, at least there are like rukia, or yorouichi to balance them out. (ok, both hinata and sakura i think of as weak… tsunade sorta makes up for it, but yeah.. but again, i guess i’m so used to there being a strong girl character that i like that that’s why i noticed it so much when kishimoto had none! interesting to think about it that way).  but yeah, got a pic with her afterwards because she was just too cool.  plus, she’s actually older than me! makes me feel better about all this going to cons at such an old age business haha!  and i think it’s so neat that something she was doing as a side-hobby became a job she can work at with her passion and get paid for doing something she loves!  very inspirational.

speaking of old(er) people at cons, this kinda older gentleman was at the con today, in kinda a pirate-like costume… or maybe swashbuckler is more appropriate? anyway he had some leather structures around his clothes and a vest, and there was a pretty heavy gun that he had made (not real i don’t think? since it was allowed in, but it was all real metal and heavy and stuff).  really neat. he seemed pleased that i was interested in it (asked to take a pic) and he showed me some other stuff he’d made (some pretty awesome storm trooper armor for him and his apparently ex-wife) so yeah. neat.

actually that did make me slightly wonder about my mom’s assessment.  those two stories, and also the story from scott of SAD that he shared.  maybe those of us who find creative outlets in cosplay, or acting, or whatever, really do do it because we feel like we lack somewhere else and thus need to compensate or overcome by doing this.  although, i don’t know – i think it’s also the challenge and fun and sense of accomplishment to be able to create something you like.  much the same as music, or art, or sports or whatever.  so maybe not such a bad thing.

also, since i volunteered for so long that first day, i actually got to meet some of the kami con staff and people, so that was nice.  i was at the con myself for almost the whole time, so it was nice to have some friendly faces to see there 🙂  tiffany, the volunteer head, also went the extra mile to make me feel welcome, so shout out to her.  no wonder they get so many returnees 😛  (as a previous volunteer head and director, i know how important that is lol) also finally got my labmate to at least step foot in the door and experience a con (been trying to get him to come to one for a while now, and he was planning to come to this one but he had to finish his dissertation this weekend so understandable that he wouldn’t come for long, but thought he’d really appreciate the experience… and he finally came! briefly, but i think he liked it… will ask tomorrow).

so yeah, overall i guess pretty fun con, other than that tabasco sauce incident by that guy… ugh really need to tell his mom to tell him to stop 1) hitting on me, if that’s what he’s doing, and 2) stop being so freaking weird/creepy about it.  (his mom’s someone i know from chinese dance a few years ago. awkward…) but yeah.  basically to not go into super details, he was asking me for an interview, which was “meant to be awkward” because he had a “prank youtube page” which i still don’t know if it’s real or not and didn’t bother to check. so they set up the camera (which i highly doubt was running because he was using a tabasco sauce container as a mic, it was really loud, and he wasn’t really paying attention to the lighting), and yeah so his “interview” was to ask me if i was japanese, be incredulous that i wasn’t, and then proceeded to give me a bet where if he could guess my ethnicity he could kiss me, and if not, i’d get $100. and i was like uhhh no, this is awkward.  and then he changed it to if i could guess his, and i was like basically completely certain he was chinese, but felt he was going to just make something up so he could wrangle it his way, so just declined. he upped it to $500. i was like no.  and then after a few more things like that, he was like ok, well let’s play a game of drinking hot sauce. and i was already planning to say no and that i was going to leave, but then he decided to open the bottle (and not in a normal way where you take the seal off and then twist the cap, but like let’s be stupid and pull the cap off as hard as we can even with the seal on so of course it will spray everywhere once it comes off).  and that’s when it landed on my skirt.  super upset, but at least it didn’t get on the white shirt and was an excuse to leave as i said before.  luckily my skirt’s material prevented it from soaking in too much i think, so after a while i think it was ok but yeah… i saw them again lurking but just walked past without looking.  later on when i apparently passed them again, the guy that was with him came up to apologize profusely,  since he apparently wasn’t expecting that and was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing.  i was still pretty upset, but i did appreciate that he at least had the morality and guts to come apologize, and i feel kinda sorry for him that he has to work with someone like that.  but anyway.  that was the only thing that made me kinda bleh over the weekend (other than the fatigue and tiredness).

oh yeah so like i said, first vocaloid concert.  it actually did look, pretty 3D, which was amazing considering it was just a projector screen.  i wonder if it’s because the shadows behind them are so dark so it throws them in relief.  but yeah kind of funny how ramped up everyone was on it.  also got to play with glow sticks at the rave so that was fun! haven’t done that in years.  probably a decade at least. o.0

the other panels i went to were actually informative as well, which i found to be a pleasant surprise.  got some cosplay armor tips, sewing tips, and also went to the manga-making panel this morning, which, while brief, was kinda cool to see the raw pages and the final product, as well as the screentone (stickers basically used to fill patterns) that they use to fill in manga pieces, (which must take FOREVER cuz you have to cut them out to just the right shape and stuff).

so overall, a pretty good con.  they said they had about 4,500 people, so i guess it counts as a small con, and they want to expand more, but i kind of like the smaller feel to be honest.  but yeah, it’d be nice to have a bigger con in AL for once i guess.  at any rate, let me just say i’m excited about finally having a cosplay that is easy to pack and assemble at the next con haha! (only wore erza casual for part of friday and saturday to dress up, regular clothes otherwise, because just thinking of putting together mikasa gave me a headache (and i still need to fix the paper affixed to the back), and erza was maybe doable, but with the events going on, just felt it’d be a hassle.  so yeah. can’t wait for an easy, just-put-it-on costume for once. 😀  it’s probably a good thing that we can’t make momocon though, considering the whole next month is going to be basically devoted to grant writing and not much else.

oh, bought some anime grab bags for the first time at this con too! you do indeed get more than you pay for, but that’s i guess assuming you can either sell them or you actually like what you get lol.  i guess i can use the mikasa pin that was in one of them though (i think that’s her anyway… kinda hard to tell haha).

phew! ok i think i can focus on other things now.  back to research life!