i have so many lurkers on fb! it always makes me a little giddy-happy when i find out about another one haha.  (lurkers as in, people who actually view the things i post but never like or comment or anything, but later in some shape or form will let me know they actually enjoy the stuff they find on my wall). 😀

on the other hand, got a little paranoid today because i got a “pingback” on here today from a random other site, which apparently means they linked my last entry on their page, and with all that’s in there i was like uhhh i really don’t necessarily want other people to find this blog through that… >.<  so i went to their site to check it out and it’s a very confusing site and i have no idea why they linked it, plus it’s not recorded on the wordpress stats, so i’m guessing maybe it was a bot search? still feel weird having that one post linked by a really random, kinda sketchy looking site with no control over retracting it from them… thought about deleting and reposting so their link would be broken but then it would ruin the timestamp and asl;idraw;leirhaweli not sure what to do.  but yeah.  that kind of lurking i don’t like at all. >.<