freak-out panic mode for the next 2 weeks, give or take another 2 weeks.  Ah!

went to post office pies for the first time for lunch today, which apparently according to one of my labmates is within the top 30 pizza places in the US, what?? no way.  it was pretty good pizza though (though not sure it’s as good cold).

debating whether to go ahead and go attend a session the psych interest group is putting on about the insanity plea or not. sounds pretty interesting, and there’s free dinner, but it’s also dark outside and feeling kinda lazy, and it’s slightly rainy and the sky is fogged over, and i’ve got a ton of stuff to do/make up.  decisions decisions.  i think the laziness is going to win out tonight – slept too late yesterday doing unnecessary things, as usual.  man, i really need to learn to overcome this procrastination ability of mine if i ever want to be a productive member of society.  why is it so easy to just waste a couple hours here, and a couple hours there, and then oh i guess it’s time to sleep again? >.<

p.s. totally right that that guy is both way younger and has a gf btw.  yes, i can’t believe i was such a semi-creeper stalker. i blame it on being stressed and wanting to procrastinate, plus female curiosity lol.  i am slightly amused that i actually cared enough to try to find the guy, and also more than slightly uncomfortable about it. lolol
(*edit*: WHOA what?! was just looking through my pics for the con, and just realized… i think one of the pizza eating contest guys the following day was actually him! 0.o now that i sorta know what he looks like without the wig… o.0  so he actually was there after all! SO WEIRD. now i know why i thought that guy looked familiar when he went on stage LOL).

p.p.s. mmm mushrooms… i must have a thing for mushrooms. they’re just so fun to chew! and have good flavor. i think i like almost any kind… except the kind i really liked as a kid apparently.  and obviously i’m talking about actual edible mushrooms, not the psychedelic kind (do those even taste like anything? i imagine they would be dry and tasteless and/or taste disgusting).