so… yesterday and today has been a bunch of crazy.

yesterday i:

  • was running on ~5 hrs of sleep due to talking very late with someone online
  • finally got my taxes done (mostly)
  • found out about another asian grocery store/restaurant in town and checked it out
  • decided to go to the cosplay shoot kind of last minute, and one of the wigs didn’t work out, so tried the other cosplay and ended up meeting some nice/fun people who let me join in on their shoot, which was awesome.
  • may have offended a friend by commenting on the fact that i’ve noticed a lot of guys of a particular race seem to be very forward at these things and i don’t really feel comfortable about that and he got pretty offended that i’d said it was about his race, when he feels all guys are like that.  … but even if they are… i haven’t been approached by those guys, so that’s just what my experience has been.. >.<
  • ended up i believe scratching my left cornea because there was super intense pain in my eye for quite some time before i was able to finally remove my contact, and it was stinging and felt weird.
  • also stayed up late again (~4:30am) talking with a friend about different potential seeming contradictions in the bible, christianity, isis, and a bunch of other stuff.  so didn’t get to sleep until around 5am.

which resulted in today:

  • when i woke up, and first thing, checked my watch and realized i had forgotten to set both my watch and alarm clock forward an hour, so jumped out of bed/changed/POPPED IN MY CONTACTS (which you aren’t supposed to do if you’ve scratched your cornea! >.<), and raced out the door in record time because i was super late to worship team practice.
  • which of course also meant that i ended up not really making it to practice. i’d pretty much expected it – i got there when there was like 20 min left of practice, but i just wanted to apologize, and if they could still use me, i’d be there.  the leader said it was fine, so i drove back to take out my contacts and use my glasses, because it was about halfway there that my eye started feeling weird and i remembered about the scratch.  that eye is also blurry right now and i can’t see very well out of it, which is rather scary and kind of concerning T____T. really hope it doesn’t permanently scar over, or get infected >.<
  • am very fuzzy-headed and can’t think which is very not good since i have a lab meeting i need to prepare for first thing early tomorrow morning.  T__T.  so will probably be working long on that tonight, and losing sleep again >.<!