ee! pics are coming out! is it dorky to be kind of excited about them? haha. some people have really good ones @___@. props to both the photographers and the cosplayers!

i like how (at least so far), most of the cosplaying community is pretty positive and supportive of each other.  it’s nice to have people appreciate the time and effort people go through to make these.  and i’m getting more and more appreciative of people who are either good at make-up or “being” the character, because for some people, even if they bought the wig and costumes, to look the part or really own the part is a different story.  makeup helps a LOT (as does wig styling, and then tailoring the costumes to fit and/or getting accessories to enhance it).  before, i would kinda be less impressed by people who bought stuff compared to people who made it, but now i appreciate that even if you buy it, there’s still a lot to be done to actually look good in it.  but yeah. some of these cosplayers man… super dedicated. and some of them are like in their teens! crazyyy..

but yeah. i need to stop checking every 5 minutes for updates/photos cuz it’s already freaking 10pm and my presentation is in 10 hours. @___@