… this kinda sounds bad, but sometimes i wish different people’s posts would show up on my newsfeed. T__T  how does one change the fb algorithm to show more of a certain type of post?  i don’t know if it’s because i’m now friends with more people (here) who are interested in very different things or if my older friends are just not posting anymore or what, but before i would see lots of interesting, thought-provoking articles, or scientific or news articles on fb.  now i just see a bunch of dumb stuff that, while sometimes amusing, mostly end up as time-wasting, procrastination filler that makes me feel like i lost time i could never get back.  but because i have nothing else to fill the time with besides actually being productive (or posting on all these other ACTUALLY interesting articles/fact-checking them prior to posting), i watch those instead.  which probably just perpetuates the cycle by feeding the fb algorithm monster. >.< *sigh*. people. please. find better things to fill up your time/walls.  for my sake, if you won’t do it for yours. -.-|| hahaha >.<