people who look EXACTLY the same in all their pictures kind of scare me.

also saw a vid on fb today of a really young girl playing with her mom’s make-up.  and realized that’s a stereotypical picture that is painted about girls – to dress up, try on make-up, play house… yeah that was never ever in my mind as a kid.  and i think if i ever did start dressing up/putting on make-up semi-regularly, i would not want to do it in front of my impressionable kids for just that reason. because kids mimic their parents/those around them, it seems like it would cause their kids to become obsessed or at least overly-aware of their looks at a young age, which i think is totally unnecessary.  also it ingrains into their heads that to be beautiful for women is to put on a bunch of chemicals and make-up and not to be comfortable in your own skin.  yes i’m speaking from experience of both girls and guys who have grown up watching their moms put on make-up and fancy clothes, and they all generally come to expect it of themselves/their significant others.  for me, that’s just not something i care to instill as a priority in my future progeny’s life.  there are so many more worthwhile things to think about and pay attention to in the world.  sure, i may take it “too far” in some people’s eyes and end up on the sloppy side of the spectrum, and sure, at some point probably teaching one’s kids how to at least dress properly/decently for societal purposes is probably a good thing, but yeah… i would never ever proudly broadcast to the world how my kid is so grown-up/cute or whatever by “trying on mommy’s make-up”, as that video’s tagline was.  >.<  and people wonder why there are so many girls who are anorexic trying to compete with photoshopped models and the like.  as a world, we are much too obsessed with looks (and i, too, fall under that trap sometimes, and it’s pretty pathetic -.-||)