dang. mulan actually changes clothes a LOT throughout the movie. 0.o  now i kinda want to rewatch it to verify all these changes and figure out which one would be best to do… and where the outfits fall exactly (i think i like the green one best, but the placement of the blue and yellow make me wonder whether it would be unflattering…)


…somewhat failing. i think i’ll just skip around to see the diff outfits, that’s all.


soo… if you count her pj’s at the beginning she has x outfits:

1. pj’s
2. green outfit (which she’s only shown wearing for like … 3 scenes (~1 min max)… also the underlying dress appears to be an off-white, and not yellow like all the promo posters depict. >.< gah! so why is that the one that’s often associated with her?!  besides the next (next) one, which she is also only wearing to the match-maker’s.  also, her hair appears to be tied in a knot at the bottom, which i also never really paid attention to (as an aside, straight asian hair like hers would never stay in that! fail directors lol) her sleeves also change from halfway down the forearm to full-length -.-||
3. the casual clothes/underclothes? that she wears on the way to getting more dolled up. (actually she wears just the white one for one quick scene, then adds the light blue shirt on the way to the next place).  and ah, now i finally know what that light blue collar thing comes from in those pictures.  looks kinda weird actually now that i’m paying attention.
4. the pink one that is often shown as her “princess” wear, which again, is only on the way to the matchmaker’s, which she didn’t particularly want to wear.  Also, the sleeves on that thing keeps changing. >.< before the matchmaker’s, it’s skinny and long, but after, it’s short (presumably it’s rolled back, but it looks way too thin for that haha. and it’s much wider/loose around the wrists.
5. her dad’s armor (includes helmet later on, but same overall outfit)
6. morning in-camp tent pj’s
7. her army training gear (cloth only, no armor) (and why yes i did indulge myself and watched the “Be a Man” sequence ^.^) also man, mulan has some strong/thick eyebrows, which i’d never really paid attention to lol. good news for me XP lolol. the training gear trim and color change hues somewhat though.
8. Not counting her wounded self clothes, the next thing she has is her final outfit – umm palace noblewoman gear? i’m hoping/guessing it’s not concubine clothes because what the guys are wearing look more like that type of dress. also not sure why she’d need to change since she herself doesn’t act as a concubine and it’d be easier to move around in pants… but maybe it was easier moving around the palace in those clothes so people wouldn’t question her?

dang. do all the disney girls/princesses go through so many wardrobe changes? lol. but yeah. some fun costumes that could be done there. XD  i think i like the green one, then the pink one w/ the sleeves rolled up, the training gear, and the last one.  not sure which order i like them in yet, though her training clothes seem more fun (and move around able). plus, wushu poses! XD  i have noticed that all of her upper clothes seem to cut off at the same point though (about top-thigh), though they somehow still cover her thighs when she’s sitting, which would not be possible in real life.  so i guess err on the long side?  also i like how they’re all modest clothing ^.^  the brocade or whatever centerpiece on her first two full outfits starts kind of in an awkward place though.  it seems to be literally mid-chest, which i’m not sure how comfortable that would be in real life.