whoa. today, other than being FREAK OUT OVER GRANT WRITING AND HAVE SO MUCH TO DO day, was like meet-old-classmates-everywhere day.  saw vince on the way back to shelby, ran into AJ and Nate and Bryce at the dental school for teeth-cleaning, (which, by the way, they don’t really seem to do a good job here -.-) then jon yu at bristol (who i NEVER see btw), and then right outside my door i ran into .. ayesha (?) I think… keep forgetting her name.  that’s like what, 6 people in the span of an hour or two.  when i normally go through the day without seeing one.  crazy!

also it was kenneth’s thesis defense today – wasn’t going to go because of all the grant stuff i had to do, but wanted to be there as support, so ended up going.  which i’m glad i did, even though i started getting really sleepy halfway through (i slept little due to the writing last night, and the lights were off, and he had lots of carbs laid out for us lol). congrats kenneth! 😀

ok, food and writing time again.