wahhhhh~!  Just binged watched all of Free! yesterday night and tonight.  watched a bit just out of curiosity cuz my brain was super burnt out yesterday and because i’d seen so many people cosplaying it so i was like eh, sure, let’s watch a mindless anime about guys who swim.  NOPE.  *tears everywhere*  well mostly in the 2nd season. but still. dang. anime people need to stop being so good at tugging the heartstrings.

also, i don’t know if they did this on purpose or not, but i thought it was interesting how makoto and rei shared the characteristics of their “namesake”/equivalent in sailor moon (makoto having brown hair, green eyes, and height compared to the rest, with a kind of “mothering” attitude to the group, and rei having dark purple hair, purple eyes, and of medium height, and being kind of quiet/not wanting to join the group at first, but being actually very loyal and supportive after joining).  also lawl at them all having “girly” names… i wonder if that was also intentional to make the parallels clearer?

anyway indulgence time over. time to SLEEP (before 3am for once whoo hoo!) and get cracking.