OMG i actually got to sleep for ~8 hours in my actual bed last night and it was glorious.  that’s about the amount of hours of sleep i got for the previous 4 days combined.  and got to sleep in my actual bed which i hadn’t done for the past 4 days either, so that was super nice.  almost done – one more day to go.

also random thought: people have GOT to stop saying “yaaaassss” to stuff. it sounds incredibly stupid and annoying, and adds nothing of value to a conversation. which i guess you could say the same for things like “lol”. but i feel like “lol” at least has some level of class/aplomb (depending on usage), whereas “yaaaassss” is based off someone voicing over a cat in a dumb way, so if someone types that, that sound and level of non-intelligence is basically want i’m going to infer from it.  rawr. *end rant lol*