wow. either i’m just happening to choose anime to watch in a certain coincidential manner… or they are really recycling things a LOT.  so remember that whole ring of swords and other things i talked about the last time? and the sailor moon similarities with free?  well, currently watching strike the blood because i saw a clip probably in passing on fb as an ad, and it looked interesting.  well, guess what?

main character’s name: akatsuki kojou.  i’ve just finished naruto, with the akatsuki being the main group for a long time, and then log horizon, where akatsuki’s the main (or one of the main) female character.  and now this is the main guy’s name. what.

the main character’s sister’s name: nagisa.  which is the same as one of the main guy’s names in free. @__@

there’s more. the main character just released his first familiar (which is #5 apparently) – which is Regulus Arm, done by a lion… same as the what Loke (who is also the lion) uses in Fairy Tail, after he is summoned by lucy. @________@

and let’s not even mention all the other things this anime’s drawing off of: the homunculus thing a la Full Metal, the homunculus with crazy arms and is kinda deadpan when she goes crazy killing mode like elfin lied, the whole miko business/girl power thing like sailor moon (and a bazillion other shows now), the german sounding names of weapons and stuff like bleach, the strong, spear-wielding girl character like oh so many people including erza when she’s in lightning empress mode, the fanatical church people theme like SnK, and girl being sent over to watch a guy and then they like each other and stuff… (what was that manga.. it was like a little boy..  who had a girl angel sent.. oh! pita ten!) … oh and of course the vampire thing (and panties. man, japanese mangakas seem to have a fascination with them…) man, these people must all be drawing from the same/similar origin stories…

but at least yeah, what rufflebutt said is right. there really are lots of strong girls in anime. and a lot of them are young (meaning not gone through puberty, or with lots of make-up etc).  i wonder if that’s why i never bought into the whole looks thing?  like i never really had a problem w/ body image stuff or wanting to look like models in magazines or whatever, whereas it seems like a lot of girls in america do (though i’m not speaking for friends from back home who were mostly asian also)… err not sure where i was going with that but yeah. anyway.

oh, well. they just explained that akatsuki is roughly translated/equivalent to lucifer in some church thingies (not sure if that’s true in real life… all i know akatsuki means in english is “dawn”.. .OH! WAIT! MORNING STAR! HAHHHHH) ok so maybe that’s why so many people are using it? @__@ ANYWAY peoples, stop reusing stuff! or is it just so hard to be original nowadays. -.-||

ANYWAY! today i turned in my FINAL for the grant! AYAYAYYAYAYAY! FINALLY FREEEE!!!! and finally sleeping at a decent hour WHEE! GOODNIGHT! 😀 😀 😀