question: what do you do if someone insists on paying for you, but you notice they didn’t leave a tip?

man, i really didn’t know what to do in that situation, because i wanted to slip a few dollars down, but they were right next to me and would see and maybe get offended/feel bad… and i tried to drop some off after shopping for groceries (the restaurant is attached to the store), but the person kept following me so i didn’t have a chance to… T___T the waiters and people were all really nice, too, so i felt doubly bad.  i think my only recourse now is to give double tip next time i go to the restaurant… but i go so infrequently that probably the people who served us won’t be there next time. T___T gah.

also got pulled over by a cop for the first time ever. it surprised me a bit cuz i was like i don’t think i ran any lights or anything, but then realized it was probably b/c i hadn’t put up the new license plate they made everyone get this last year for some strange reason (i guess they updated the area’s license plates or something.. which is weird cuz we’ve had the same license plate on our car in CA for like 20 years… anyway). and i’d forgotten to switch out my insurance w/ the newest one too apparently. gah! so fail. T___T.  but luckily they let me go (i had the new license and tags in the glovebox).  better figure out how to put it on soon then lol (though i’d gotten it in june so in a way it’s kinda amazing i haven’t been pulled over til now) haha.