i have concluded today that lab is bad for one’s bowels.  through today and other instances like it, i’ve realized that there’s been multiple times where i really needed to go, but was held back because i was in the middle of pipetting or doing cell work or whatever. in just today alone, there were 2 separate times i had to go really bad but had to hold it in until i pretty much couldn’t anymore because it was about to burst out of me.  the first was when i was in the middle of doing a take 3 session for [RNA], and i wanted to finish all the plates so i didn’t leave my stuff all over the shared equipment area, but i just had to run after that one because i just couldn’t hold it anymore.  the 2nd instance was just now, when i had to go, but was in the middle of loading a 96 well plate that i didn’t want to leave sitting out in case stuff got into it, so had to wait about 15-30 min until i could finish.  let me tell you… loading a plate while needing to go pretty badly is not easy.

anyway.  i think i’ve also regained science nerd status: sometime last week, i realized that i was actually glad for daylight savings b/c it meant i could finally start staying at lab later again.