i like how my car inspires so many comments/is such a talking point haha.  from socal where it was called a “tank” coming back to the house every day, to today, where when filling my gas tank at costco, a man who was filling his car up behind me came up to me and struck up a conversation about how he loved that car and drove the same car when he was in grad school (which is where i am now!) and how he had many memories with that car until it inevitably fell apart (which mine is doing now too haha).  which is kinda crazy to think about actually, because he apparently bought it 2nd hand when it was 3 years old… and my car is currently 23 years old… so that makes us having the same experience about 20 years later with the same type of car o.0 hahaha dang.  he looked like he was in his late 40’s to 50’s at least, so the timing would work out haha.  but yeah, he had such a nostalgic face about him haha, it was awesome. he was like “take good care of it!” when we headed our separate ways, and i was like “don’t worry, i will!”  haha 🙂

also browsed some passages from the memoir of Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus named “Hope – A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland” that i found at costco.  pretty crazy stuff, and man, all of them, especially amanda berry’s bravery and persistence is amazing.  as i was browsing, an elderly couple walked by and told me they had an interview recently about the book and experience i guess – i should go look that up sometime.  maybe will go do that now.

oh yeah, it was also free comic book day!  got what i wanted, which was the avatar one, and there was also an attack on titan one!  unfortunately, both were super short (much shorter than expected, and the AoT one was also basically just the beginning of the first chapter and not much new T__T oh well).  also bought a couple of books at 2nd and charles – i mean, if i can get a good book (manga, ie FT, or novel) for ~$5, i think i can afford that, haha 😛

also made a costco run (obviously).  kinda upset that the grape tomatoes i bought turned out to have a moldy core… but it’s so far i don’t know if it’s worth it to drive all the way to costco again to exchange it… >.< may just have to bite the bullet on this one. ah well.