sigh.  calling other people racist, misogynist, “misogynoir”, and sexist all in one go does not either endear others to you, nor does it win an argument just because you repeat it multiple times to multiple people.  especially when you’re the one misinterpreting a thread that many other people are trying (respectably by the way) to help you actually understand in proper context.

feeling kinda sad at the state of american education if this is how people from a fairly decent public university are reading into stuff.  of course, can’t generalize to the public, but just also kind of sad at this person, who prior to this whole thing i thought was pretty mild mannered and generally nice about stuff.  but in all of his responses to everyone who disagrees, is not only harsh and defensive with full name-calling, but also illogical.  slightly paraphrased because i’m tired of scrolling back through the thread: “people of color/blacks cannot be racist”?  yet he’s calling another person of color out for a potential insulting comment made about blacks.  and “people of color can be discriminatory but not racist”, and “women can’t be sexist”?? um… the definition of racism IS discrimination based on someone’s skin color/race… i’ll have you know that in just AL alone, i have experienced racism from whites, blacks, and even what i think of as some kind of “reverse racism” lol from chinese people. and uhhh women can definitely be sexist.  but yeah, he is very indignant about this point, and also feels that he is basically being a champion of justice here… when the whole point of the comment and the thread was completely missed, and he is being angry about something that wasn’t even the intent of the person speaking (which they clarified quite well in their conversational thread, if he even bothered to read through them with an unbiased eye (the author of the post was clearly skewed in how they wanted to portray the conversation)).  and just, blargh.  people, READ if you’re going to argue, and then also think about what you’re saying and whether it makes sense or not before you post! especially in an online medium… you have time to think about what you’re typing, and time to proofread before clicking send! -.-||

also, given the poor way he is arguing for the sake of these people he is trying to support, i would think it would only harm their true cause, because if people think of him as representing “allies” of this group, they may generalize and think all of them basically spout non-sensical arguments and resort to name-calling when they can’t win an argument :\  *sigh*  super sad :\

it’s just so interesting how people can read the same exact thing and come to such different conclusions.

speaking of which, read ender’s game for the first time today (well started yesterday, but finished today).  certainly thought provoking.  and much better than the hunger games series haha.  though i did kinda predict the stuff that went on towards the last 3rd or so of the book, but hey, it was first written like 50 years ago, so i’m pretty cool with that.