WHOOPS.. accidentally posted this on my other, MSTP blog… SO INAPPROPRIATE. anyway, this was posted originally at on 6/5/2015 at 8:37pm (9:37pm EST?):

… awkward.  i’m pretty sure one of my labmates likes me at this point, and it’s so awkward trying to be nice/acting oblivious to pretty obvious hints. like him asking me about whether people are pressuring me to get a boyfriend, asking if i would go with him to meet his previous bosses as his “gf” (uh NO, shot that one down quick), trying to sit next to me for things, asking me random questions when i VERY CLEARLY DON’T WANT TO TALK… (ie feeling really carsick or really tired and headache-y), asking if i would go with him to stuff and if i say no, then he’s not going… ugh.  and all of that happened today. -.-||  i’m like nooooooooooo. i’ve already said very clearly multiple times that i don’t want a bf, i’m not interested in getting one, etc etc.  >.<  and it’s like, he’s only going to be in the lab for a couple more months, so i don’t want to make a scene or make it awkward to deal with him for the next couple of months because 1) i still have to work with him on a few projects/will need his help, 2) he’s a very nice person in general and very quiet so i would feel bad upsetting him, and yeah, basically, unless he says something blatant about liking me, i don’t want to bluntly tell him off.  but ugh, it’s annoying.  so basically, i have now confirmed to myself that i definitely do not like clingy people/guys.  it sounds romantic maybe to be waited on all the time, but no. just, no.  i feel like i can’t breathe/don’t have freedom already. *shudders* anyway, at boston right now for the ADA conference.  the city’s actually not as bad as i “remember” it being, not that i saw it much last time.  though traffic pretty much sucks.  yesterday, even though i got in around midnight, the taxi ride took like 35 min, even though it wasn’t that far away, due to i guess construction? in one area that jammed up all the cars in the tunnel below the river.  but yeah, overall it’s decent i guess.  i will say that baltimore airport is one of the best i’ve been in so far though – lots of good food choices nearby, not super far/long terminals, and they, unlike the freaking houston airport, actually waited for me to board and called my name when i wasn’t there 10 min after the time to liftoff… compared to the houston airport where i ran my lungs out across the ginormous terminals, being glad i thought i’d made it a couple minutes before they were supposed to take off… and they refused to open the door for me. T_______T.  this one was totally my goof though… basically, i’d forgotten i was at the east coast already for the layover and forgot to change my watch!!! T____T  so i thought i had an extra hour and was so confused when they called my name lol.  luckily i was really close by, just up the stairs, so i went down, and yeah.  they still let me board and i felt SUPER bad for holding up the entire plane T___________T  but yeah.  it was a good ride though, and had an interesting discussion with both of the guys next to me, who were both apparently very wealthy from their respective jobs running companies @__@.  one of them had 60 acres, what?! anyway. may have also alienated a PI from cornell on accident, by not being as impressed by a research study he did as I should have been.  it was really cool to have what i thought was common sense to be validated and published next week though!  basically, if you eat protein and veggies first, you don’t get the glucose spike that you do when you eat something carb/sugar heavy first.  and the difference is pretty dramatic.  awesome! today may be the first day i end up sleeping before midnight, which would be AMAZING (… although my roommate left a note saying that’s about when she’s gonna get back, so i might get woken up around then anyway… >.<)