and the other blog post i accidentally posted on my other blog was this one, originally posted yesterday, 6/8/15 at 11:39pm (12:39pm EST?)… whew, glad i caught it before too many days had passed…:

boston has a chinatown that reminds me a lot of SF.  it even has the same pigeons!  and the food is legit.  so we went there yesterday for taiwanese fare, and today for hot pot.  wah~ so good! ^.^  also bought some asian bakery goods to take back with me hehe ^.^  though the bakery’s aren’t as good as the ones in CA

still awkward labmate is awkward… >.<

got to see an old friend briefly this trip, which was nice. like, really briefly.. the first time was 2 days ago when we talked for like 5 min as we walked around a small portion of the floor before he had to head back for a meeting, and the 2nd was today at my poster, where i think it was even less time than the first.  we’d barely passed like 2 sentences before his phone buzzed and he said they were calling him back -.-||.  goodness, his life sounds crazier than mine… at least at the convention.  but that’s good for their company and his position i guess.  hopefully we’ll actually be able to meet up this time the next time i’m back, which will be in like… another half a year or something haha.

i then proceeded to mini-stalk him on fb. mini cuz… he barely has anything that’s visible to non-friends. which i suppose is the whole point of limiting your profile lol XP  still, it’s interesting to see how people change over the years (he happens to have about one picture every year or every couple years up, so it’s like from how i remember him when we graduated high school, through college, and then after college).  i sometimes do that with people, or even with my own pictures, just to see changes. i think it’s pretty subtle, especially in us asians haha.  but it’s there – in the slight adjustments of the jaw, chin, the cheekbones, how our cheeks are more sunken in now instead of chubby… and yet still how familiar the faces are, so it’s like a weird feeling of nostalgia but not-quite-right-ness when you see the current version of people you haven’t seen in a long time (almost 10 years now for this particular friend).

speaking of 10 years… on another note, still annoyed at our 10 year high school reunion thing. you’d think that you’d hold something that important when the most people could make it, say over the holiday season or something.  but no, they chose black friday because that’s when they “customarily” are.  1st off, who the heck would choose that day to have a reunion in the first place?! and secondly, just because that’s what other people have done, doesn’t mean we have to follow suit, especially if more people can make it at another time.  and then there’s the whole issue of them being like “oh yeah, if enough ppl say they want to move it, we can”, not updating for like half a year as other people keep asking whether we can move it, and then only when i’m finally fed up and try to get a poll going, they’re like oh wait, actually we’ve already planned everything and yeah this is the date.  it’s like uh… thanks for the update then, geez. sigh. anyway.

heading back tomorrowww.  whoo!