it has been a long time since i’ve read a book of any substance. prior to reading ender’s game a month or so ago, I don’t think i’ve really read a book in quite some time.  mangas of course, don’t count.  it’s interesting… i wonder if that’s why my thoughts or ability to write doesn’t flow as well anymore.  i really think that our writing style is affected by what we read… or at least, it is in my case.  i’ve noticed that blog entries or whatnot get somewhat infused with the voice of whatever author i happen to be reading, especially if i’ve either been reading a lot of works by that author recently, or if there’s just a very long book i’ve been reading over a few days.

right now i’m reading ender’s shadow, which i rather like.  it’s a parallel of ender’s game, but from Bean’s perspective.  i’m glad i gave the series a chance – i had only previously read one other book by Orson Scott Card, I think in middle school, that had something to do with either ghosts or dying in a creepy way, and it was so disturbing I never wanted to read an Orson Scott Card book again.  But Ender’s Game (and Shadow) were worth it.

it’s also interesting how someone can make a simple statement that makes you realize something about yourself that’s nice.  For example, today, for some reason during the lead mentor interviews we were conducting for LC’s while talking about health and wellness of our students/staff to the applicant, one of our deans for students mentioned how she always feels better when she sees me in volker.  surprised, i looked up at her, and she repeated her statement, and said that even if i sometimes don’t even notice/see her, she feels better when she seems me because she knows I’m “so passionate about… students at this school” or some such similar thing.  huh.  it got me thinking about another time someone said something like i was “inspiring” because i would always work late on lesson plans and stuff during a mission trip… when i couldn’t even remember doing so, or if i did, how she would have known since i never noticed her around.  in neither case did i think i was doing anything special. but i guess it’s nice to know that others can be bolstered or encouraged in their work, simply by me doing things that i think of as normal everyday responses to particular scenarios.  if God can use me to brighten someone’s day in whatever way, then praise Him for that.