is it weird that i sometimes feel weird when my friends start settling down with people (especially people i don’t know? aka not someone they’ve been w/ for a long time or another mutual friend).  like, i’m ok w/ people who i meet who have been w/ someone for a long time and/or are married, but it’s just so weird to me sometimes when people from high school or college start getting married or even start long-term relationships (for those who were mostly single throughout their lives like i was).  i don’t know why it makes me feel so uneasy… perhaps it’s because it feels like an era is ending, where we all just had fun being ourselves instead of as part of a duo that (almost) always travel as a pair.  or perhaps it’s just my nostalgia talking.  anyway. rando feeling of the day.  i’ve been having lots of feelings coming out the last 2 weekends. maybe when i get around to it, i’ll actually post about it this time instead of just making a reference to it and putting it off until the feeling no longer remains and trying to post about it just feels unnatural so it just ends up never happening.  we’ll see.