it’s strange.  we got to talking about the 1996 olympics tonight, and i remember it being an awesome year watching the gymnastics.  the “magnificent 7” of the US girl’s team, though i didn’t know the name at the time.  the names i remembered were amy chow, dominique dawes, kerri, and vaguely i recognize shannon miller and jaycie.  but the only name that i mentioned that no one else at the table did was amy chow, and even after mentioning it, all i got were shrugs of confusion.  even after one of the girls looked up the names, when she got to amy, she was like “amy chow?” in this weird, scrunched up “who the heck was that?” face and voice.  and then the conversation turned to tonya harding as a brief mention, and while the name vaguely registered involved in perhaps some ice skating scandal (which of course i just went back to read lol), the most memorable figure skater name that popped up for me was michelle kwan, then of course tara lipinski and then kristi yamaguchi.  so maybe it is true that we tend to pick out role models, or at least identify most/cheer on with, those of our race or those who look more similar to us (everyone else around the table other than me were white).  it’s probably just human instinct i guess, and clearly i’m guilty of it too. though you would think it’d be pretty easy to remember that there was one asian and one black girl on a team that was mostly caucasian… and not be so shocked by seeing the faces… when i saw the pictures, even though i didn’t remember all the girls’ names, i at least recognized all of them as having been on the team… -.-||