i am in SUCH a good mood right now.  which is awesome because it’s been a really really long time since i’ve felt this way. you doesn’t know happiness until something you’ve been trying for weeks to work with little hope of success actually works. i’m hoping i’m not jinxing myself because i didn’t get to see how plate 2 turned out (which is the one that was insulin stimulated), but at least the values i was getting for the first plate weren’t below background readings, which is heartening lol.  no idea if the treatments i put in actually changed anything either, but hey, AT LEAST THE ASSAY WORKS OK?! hah.

i also just had a shower, which may be contributing to the happy endorphin dance going on right now, but hey, i’ll take it.

lastly, we finally came to an agreement (sort of) about what direction we’re going to take with our paper, and the microbiome data is also kinda interesting, and i’ll be able to get the data to input from our collaborator tomorrow, and yeah! oh, and i’ll actually be able to make growth group (which happens to be dinner at taziki’s) tonight, which is awesome b/c i haven’t been able to make it the last few weeks.  so all in all, feeling pretty good about life at the moment 😀