what’s worse than having to finish a radioactive assay when having a hypoglycemic episode (twice)? having to keep doing it after one’s period has just started, right when cramps are the most painful. >.< i even went to the trouble of making sure i ate a good lunch today to avoid hypoglycemic problems >.<.  sigh. all i wanted to do was roll around on the floor or curl up in a ball somewhere and hyperventilate out the pain.  but no, i had to keep going because the assay is on a strict time schedule T___T.  i settled for taking a brief break every plate or so where i just squatted on the floor for a bit right outside the door to the room and breathed.  >.< after a particularly difficult instance, i really prayed for strength to continue because it was hard to even stay standing (felt almost faint again, and my hands were shaking like mad when trying to fight against the pain.. couldn’t even stand up straight so my face was basically in the plate with the radioactive stuff… thankfully i tend to be on the paranoid side and was wearing goggles and a mask, but still. T__T  i did take a bite of a small chocolate bar hoping it’d help relax the cramped muscles, but all it did was end up making my stomach more acidic later on >.< but praise God for answered prayer because i think that’s the shortest i’ve ever had in quite some time for the cramps to completely go away (i think it was about 30-45 min), especially while still standing and working! usually if it’s anywhere close to as short as that, it’s either because i’ve laid down/curled in a ball for a while, or i took a nap (or both).  so thank the Lord for that!

made soup for dinner to hopefully calm my body down.  time to curl up with a book!  or maybe watch shokugeki first. XD