Just watched the first episode of ABDC season 8 late last night (whoo, so glad it’s online!  Even though it’s too late to vote).  Anyway. Honestly I was a bit worried for Kinjaz, because I saw the promo clip online prior to the show and it looked kinda sloppy.  But they came out and killed it.  I’m SO glad that the world gets to see Kinjaz’s creativity and at their best, including their trademark outfits, the “master’s” voice in the background, and storyline/missions that is a part of all of their performances.   Also of course loved Quest Crew’s raw energy (probably the most exciting of the performances), though I’m also glad that in lieu of Shane Sparks, who I am SO missing on this show right now, Frankie told them basically to up their game from recycling stuff in the past to moving onto the future, which I really agreed with.  They did have that new spin kick thing in the middle but otherwise, and this is what I’ve been thinking about their performances in the last coupld years, it seems mostly a mishmash of old tricks with maybe 1 or 2 at most new things thrown in.  So I hope they utilize their collective creative abilities to bring out something awesome next week.  (The stuff with Steve though OMG the feels…  I didn’t know his injury was that bad and that he almost couldn’t dance again.  I really really hope he doesn’t do anything to hurt himself permanently in the future while trying to dance after that injury/rehab. T___T  but I continue to be amazed at his athleticism and his optimistic outlook.  You go Steve!)

Speaking of judges, man, as much as people (and I) were down on Lil’ Mama, and even somewhat for JC, they at least ask for slow mo’s and could pick out dancers and dance moves that they thought were great instead of this generic “oh that was so cool! what?!” that went on all night. Ugh.  I’m surprised the most at T Pain… at least the other two occasionally said statements that suggested they were watching for individual moments/people, and weren’t just wowed by everyone as a whole.  >.<  Hope they work that out for the rest of the season.  Also miss Mario Lopez… this guy, while he doesn’t seem to be reading off a script like Mario did, he seems to interrupt people more and doesn’t really seem to be as close with either the dancers or the judges.  Plus Mario would throw in some of his own statements and stuff haha, and was just a more chillax guy overall I feel.  But of course I might be biased – don’t like change and all that 😛

Anyway back to the crews.  Super Crew did start the season off well, so good job to them.  The weakest crews I felt were I.aM.mE and We Are Heroes – both were pretty sloppy with moves in terms of cleanliness and execution (WAH more so).  I.aM.mE had good moments, but I think overall was lackluster.  WAH on the other hand, had an good beginning and excellent ending pose, but the main portion in the middle basically got lost.  Electrolytes I thought actually started out really cool and well – I basically thought what Frankie said, which was that the solo at the beginning was probably the most emotional I’ve ever seen for a breakdancer, and on the set that night.  Really good.  And when the group joined, they were at the beginning one of the cleanest groups.  But then it kind of fell apart with them trying to incorporate the Big Bad Wolf theme and it just didn’t really work for me :\

Overall though, I’m excited for this season.  Finally no “gimmick-y” crews and random people placed on there just for diversity’s sake.  Everyone (for the most part) is a legit excellent dancer, and I’m looking forward to what they bring next week! 😀  Re-excited about dance again whoo hoo~! 😀