Wait, did they say the bottom crew other than WAH based on last week’s performance?  Not based on votes?  I guess there are no votes this season? Confused.  I wonder who the 2nd to last crew is if it’s not I.aM.mE… maybe electrolytes?  That’s what I thought was the other weaker crew.  Anyway.


Ok this was a strong performance than last week at least – i like the moves in front of the bed where they did the “brain banging” stuff with the arms and threading and good use of props all throughout.  They don’t hit beats quite as hard as most of the other crews, but a solid performance this week.

what?!?! is Quest in the bottom?! (is it b/c it was mostly stuff they used before?)… wait there’s 2 crews not safe? I’m so confused at what they’re doing logistically. Anyway


Ooh, nice beginning. Like the touch with them 3 in the middle shaking in response to them coming down the steps.  also like the push down inbeginning when they spread out into the stage. Not as clean as it could be, but still decently good.  Decent energy and i liked the slower section. LOL at the end – good job with that haha.

Super Crew

okay, now THAT’s a high energy performance!  haha love it!  love the entrances, and so clean and smooth! and that was amazing with the bodies rolling under each other in 3’s, and the the whole running under the line of people (how the heck did they even slide under everyone so quickly?!). also good use of chairs and just overall… great performance.  the one thing i was wondering was if that last freeze was dropped on purpose or an accident, but maybe it was meant to be as it was sorta on the last beat.

omg… it better be quest crew that’s saved.  i wonder if they did this to make sure they don’t get big heads lol. YESSSSSS phew.

Quest Crew

lol so obviously a crowd favorite with the cheers.  anyway. yay chris brown!!! they did well with him in season 3 haha.  oh rudy! the newest and youngest member! oh ouch… poor rudy >.< and well i hope they kill it after having to scramble at the last minute to rearrange.  whoa, nice entrance with the … lantern? and the arms coming out (like an insect lol).  overall, great passing around of the lantern between hok and ryan and just overall. also not very clean, but if they really did scramble to redo it all last minute, they did a good job figuring out a cohesive-looking set.  as they said, not as hard hitting as before either, and yeah was also a bit concerned about that one freeze that didn’t hold (missing victor kim for sure hah), but decent.

We Are Heroes

Um… probably a bit biased b/c i’m not a big fan of this song, even when it was used by fanny pak in season 2. but anyway. not a easy song to dance to, and there was a lot of body shaking and not much else.  the coming down the steps was pretty good, and there were a couple of ok moments, but overall, not really impressed. :\  agreed with frankie on this one.  (also really missing beat freaks… if there had to be one all-girl crew on this season, i really think they would have been a stronger showing by far ._.||)


Ooh Jason Derulo! hope they bring it today.  oh no! they had to redo their set 22 minutes before the show as well?! yikes.  good luck! ooh good use of stairs at the beginning! with the leg up as a door.  and good smooth dancing and this time good cleanliness! THAT’s what i wanted to see from this crew. good use of props and also again great use of stairs at the end with different levels. definitely a keeper – they better stay on this week.  omg what T-pain?? they definitely had energy man. yeah, go teyana – that’s what i’m sayin’.

ok just based on their faces (and how i felt the performances went), i feel like WAH is going to leave. but we’ll see… yup. there we go.  pretty expected… WAH was definitely the weakest link.  only girls left are in I.aM.mE, which is also not one of the stronger crews I don’t think :\  but we’ll see.

i’m glad though that this year they didn’t give away who got out by putting their pictures in obvious black and white instead of color like previous seasons, and that they have the full episodes up the next day.  that way there aren’t any spoilers before one can even watch the show.