omg. watching will jay on the voice of china was such a gateway drug/vid =.=|| haha.  started watching this season of The Voice of China, and it’s pretty freaking awesome.  There are some really good singers in there! and the judges are so funny… Harlem Yu is a bit over the top though T__T haha.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of what kinds of things the judges are looking for.  Two of the girls that didn’t get picked though I was really surprised at – both of them were really young: one was 17 and the other 16 I think.  But the first girl had a really sweet and clear high voice, while the other girl sang a very velvety smooth voice that some of the judges, once they realized she was so young, really wanted her, and she even sang a duet with jay chou, which i bet was one of the highlights of her life haha.  but yeah gosh, so much talent.

so i guess so far the ones that have impressed me the most are:

of course will jay (刘伟男), who started me on this whole track

陈梓童 started out the entire season with an amazing showing with her hip hop swagger and excellent rapping/singing skills.  i don’t even usually like rap and i was very impressed.  speaking of which, 柳畅源 (michael liu) I think used the same song (both from Jay Chou I believe), but with a different take which i thought was also super impressive, rapping in freaking 6 languages which he made up himself.  he seems a little full of himself, but his rapping skill is legit.

I really liked the two girls from 晨悠组合 – amazing singing. they harmonized and blended so well, and were just so sweet and cute haha. can’t believe they’ve only been singing together for 2 years.  you go girls!

the two girls of course who were surprising in that i (and the rest of the audience/judges) didn’t know they were girls to start out with were 林燕 and 李文慧.  Not a huge fan of the former’s voice, but it’s certainly powerful.  the latter also sang quite well.  some other surprising voices were from 杨宝心, who i have to agree with 那英 that his voice doesn’t really match his face haha, but is quite a good voice (though not what i usually go for). also the youngest girl who got selected i believe 黄霄雲, who has this strong sultry voice, was also unexpected, along with 别日克 who sang in spanish for most of it, and 王帝, who was almost like will jay in terms of singing flavor, which was unexpected. 徐林 was also a surprise with the blues-y feel. 李安 also had an amazingly smooth deep voice… i felt kinda bad for him that the judges, especially 那英, were so openly surprised/shocked by his appearance >.<  but maybe that’s why chinese people take criticism more easily… it’s kind of something we’re accustomed to, because people are pretty open/have no filter hah. maybe that’s why i’m so direct too sometimes… (aka tactless -.-|| haha >.<)  it was good that they praised him for his voice a lot after though.

omg the proposal in the middle though… i thought i saw that ring in the previews! i was really hoping he’d get at least 1 judge to turn (best case all 4) because i thought he might propose, and it turns out he did get all 4, and his now fiancee also got to meet all the judges! of whom i think she favored jay chou lol

speaking of, it’s so weird to me how everyone talks about jay chou being their first chinese singer or whatever mainstream singer that they listened to… i guess it’s all the younger generation/the people from the US, but man. i knew of harlem way before jay chou… sigh, maybe i’m just old -.-||

江源东 – this guy looks a lot like one of my med school classmates that just graduated, alan you, so it was just kinda trippy to see him up there haha.

i also liked 李文豪, 李嘉琪, (whoa lots of li’s haha), 张磊, 赵大格 (though her English could use a bit of work hah…), 关诗敏, 长宇, and 舞思爱羔露. oh! 张惠春 was awesome too! it’s so cool that she’s coming back on the music scene 😀

that’s it for now!

i’m slightly confused by the fact that there seem to be at least one person per team that i don’t remember having seen yet.. o.0

hearing all the stories of people on this show though, i think is one of the most touching parts. definitely had tears a few times when people talked about their past struggles, people passing away, or someone’s dad lost his voice, etc. T___T. looking forward to what the next episodes will bring, especially since i haven’t seen the format of PK’s yet!