whoo! today did a BUNCH of cleaning and stuff around the house to get ready for sewing and stuff. particularly sweeping dust off the floor as i didn’t want to get my fabrics dirty.  man, sewing is kinda difficult… or at least trying to make a pattern is.  my measurements are apparently completely off (my waist is like 4 sizes bigger than my hips according to the chart for example, and other parts are bigger or smaller as well >.<) so basically i just ended up approximating on random pieces of scrap mail, finding out all of them were way too small, then freehanding them larger… then when i cut out the first piece, i realized i way overcompensated, so made it smaller again… and yeah.  not having a mannequin definitely makes this a lot harder than it could be i bet T__T.  but anyway.  also had to fight the sewing machine as the thread i bought is apparently much more finicky than the one the settings were on before, so had to fight to figure out the tension and it kept snagging, so decided to wind a bobbin, which failed HORRIBLY, as it all wound somehow under the bobbin and i had a tangled mess i had to pick out for like half an hour or more.  >.< eventually, i gave in and cut them, but yeah.  then more tension fixing and finally some sewing… realized the armholes/shoulders were overcompensatedly too long and had to adjust 2x, and yeah.  just sewed the bottom half to the top half of the torso and realized i probably could have made it a lot easier on myself if i didn’t sew the ends together of each first (which i only did because the pattern said to, but then again, the pattern only has one part on that top part…) so yeah. at any rate, other than a few lumpy bits in the middle, it actually fit quite well! so pretty happy with my first attempt ^.^  the skirt and bottom’s gonna be the hard part though, i know, so we’ll see how that goes…  overall though, not bad for a first attempt! 😀