cosplay 101: the wig (or hair) is everything

make-up? eh unless it’s done REALLY amazingly well, not that important
clothes? as long as the coloring is right/close enough, people will generally get it
accessories? can be helpful if the rest of the cosplay isn’t done that well, or if there’s something extremely iconic to a character

but the wig/hair. since a lot of people can’t even distinguish between anime/manga faces very well (think all the girls in Sailor Moon (unless you’ve paid close attention for cosplay purposes or know the series really well like i do), or a lot of other generic-looking mangas), the hair is one of the most defining features of a character.  get that right, and everything else people will let slide.

and of course, the wig is the part i’m the most scared of messing up, since the only recourse is to order another one and they are not cheap. and therefore, will end up being the worst part probably.  hah.  luckily i tend to like characters who have very similar coloring apparently (long and black, short and black, or long and red), so i hopefully don’t have to worry about it too much XP.  bangs/no bangs is gonna be a problem though. it would suck to have to buy a wig for different characters just because their bangs are different. maybe extensions would help here.