welp. here i was, about to write an actual positive post about the bham DMV for once, as for the first time EVER, i did not have to wait 3-4 hours in line just to be seen at the desk.  it was amazing, like there was literally basically no line for the first time ever. that’s around 11am on a Monday for future reference.

UNfortunately, like freaking always, I was turned away at the desk because I needed “proof of residence”.  Ok first off, they NEVER have things like this posted on their website, so you don’t freaking know what constitutes “proof of residence”.  Secondly, what was the freaking point of changing my address on my driver’s license to my current address if that’s not enough proof of residence?!  So they’re like, you need some kind of utility bill or something with the address on it.  So I go back to my car, thinking thank goodness I put that bill for internet in my car the other day just for this purpose.  I dutifully trot back up the steps and go through security… only to be turned away at the head of the line AGAIN because it’s still not enough “proof of residence” because they only accept utilities bills like water, electric or gas. WTFRICK.  How are either of these 2 things not proof enough of residence for you?! Besides the obvious fact that THE FREAKING TAG RENEWAL ITSELF HAS THE SAME FREAKING ADDRESS!!! SDLIHFALIEHWLTIHWAELRIhelirh.  And also, everything’s online now – who has a darn bill to show you?!  Not to mention I live in a condo, so water and gas are already covered in the monthly dues.

So I come back planning to mail in my stuff and forget it… then realized they want us to also mail in our driver’s license and insurance card with it.  Given how little I trust the AL system right now, I don’t feel comfortable it won’t get lost, and in addition, they would probably just send it back saying they need more “proof of residence” since the license is still a CA license, just w/ the AL address.  So on top of wasting money for parking and time today, I would need to waste postage mail and a check, and they will charge for a late fee (it’s a bit late, which is my fault) but ugh.  So then I tried to do it online. Guess what I got?  “The license number is not recognized by AL.  Please bring your driver’s license and renewal tag to one of our offices.” UGH!!! Why is AL SO STUPID?!

Anyway, I printed a power bill from online just now (accidentally in color too, what a waste).  I guess I’ll go and try again since I have no other option. I hate this place.  Thankfully the DMV is at least close by, otherwise I would be even more pissed. Ugh.