ooh interesting new challenge this week for making two crews team up! i’m actually kinda excited for this.  and lol the names actually even make sense XP

super kinjaz nice hit before all the crews spread out.  oooh sick section on the 2nd set of stairs witht he legwork tutting!  also nice transitions into the individual sections.  a bit sloppy though in areas with someone or two being late into certain moves, and the guy not coming down the center correctly and stuff. while it was a solid performance (and love the ending with the flags haha), i still feel a bit disappointed somehow.  i feel like both crews are so creative and strong that they could have catered to each group’s strengths more than they did.  but definitely solid performance.  and oh wow, t-pain’s actually getting on someone’s case! and actually pointing out the mistakes that i picked up on and such!)

i am quest – ooh solid start! great tutting and shapes!  ooh that middle section wasn’t as clean as it could have been. but oh SWEET! nice footwork in the fast part (except ohh i see in the slow mo that one guy in the back was not on point)! and nice stuff around the judges, and great used of stairs and AHHHHH!!! ok in my view that team definitely killed it.  great highlights of various people, creativity, fierce facials, and yeah. pumped now.

WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!! ugh. even just based on the judge’s comments it seemed like the other crew should have been saved! what the heck.

whoa kinjaz taking a risk with the live beat boxing.  GREAT start though. ok some beats were off, but overal great job keeping in snyc.  LOL love the character selection thing in the middle. and WOW.  great ending! and wow, just great great job. AWESOME.

random comment: teyana seems pretty subdued today.. wonder what’s up?  on the other hand, t-pain is on a roll in terms of actually providing specific comments that are actually relevant to the performances and calling out moments rather than just being generic “that was so good/cool/etc”. this is the first week where i feel ok with him being up there as a judge.

oh wow. i didn’t even understand exactly what this challenge was until super crew explained it lol. fail ABDC.  but anyway. hm… starting off kinda slow. but cool background setting stuff – good job to teh abdc crew for being able to make all those things so quickly. ouch… that guy being dragged by the elbows must have hurt.  yikes the platforms don’t look stable at all o.0 but the boys did a good job flipping across them. that one guys didn’t hold that freeze well on the platform, but yeah. good back flip off the other guy at the end.  hmmm, gotta say i feel like maybe the judges are biased with the subway theme more than the dancing… cuz the dancing wasn’t that spectacular. (oh rofl, didn’t even realize those were supposed to be a manhole lol…)

i.am.me – well.  i mean. they at least did a good job on the hoverboard.  that last section was great.  omgosh the bruises!  again, underwhelmed by the dance portion, but do appreciate that they did an amazing job with controlling the hoverboards for so long in so many formations for so long.

quest crew – hm. not sure how to feel about this one. definitely a different vibe than usual.  emotional like they said.  wow. they all look like they’re about to cry, and wow t-pain definitely felt it. T__T  and i didn’t know Quest was going to quit dancing. dang. is that why they were all so emotional? or because the judges got them and spoke to their heart? was it empathy with t-pain? i wonder what was up. i don’t know if i personally felt it was good dance-wise besides some few moments as it was rather sloppy i felt, but they used the bench creatively and put their hearts out i guess.  man i have no idea how this is going to end up.  but if t-pain’s anything to judge by, maybe it’ll be quest.

ah looks like it was. but even so, they look so sad… maybe it’s because they were up against i.am.me who are their good friends? and/or maybe they knew about the proposal deal? i don’t know. hok had tears running down his face. but anyway. oh man that sucks. but i’m glad moony was able to propose regardless.  omgosh, T___T. i feel so sad/weird. should i be happy about the ending or not? was moony sad he had to propose this week instead of next, or were those tears of joy? i’m .. so confused. and why were all of quest crew so downtrodden this week? i’m so T___T.  it shouldn’t have been those two at the bottom this week… it should have been the other group if it was based on the performance. :\