ooh the pk battles are starting finally for the voice in china! XD  (i hope will jay stays!)

i’m still confused… there’s like so many people on here that were not in prior episodes.. where are all these people coming from?! @__@  and oh wait, is this week only 汪峰’s group?

ok, that first guy’s sound might be richer, but his english pronounciation is pretty bad T__T lol. and interesting haha i didn’t know this is how they did the KO’s… it’s more like a duet lol.  i wonder if performance counts too, or if it’s just the singing. yeah this one’s kinda hard haha. T__T yeah i thought so. poor guy… he tried so hard and tried so hard to stay smiling. T__T

omg the girls are both rockstars. so good. this is going to be really hard too. geez. that part in the bridge when they both harmonized… so great. they are both such good singers.

ahhhh the one between 貝貝 and 兒 was SO SAD T______T both of them should have stayed 😦  Honestly I think they both should have stayed instead of the last guy chosen :\  but yeah.  i’m also surprised the last guy got chosen over 林燕, but anyway. sigh T__T.  having to make these decisions is hard man >.<