quest – yay rudy’s back! can’t wait to see him! and omg lol didn’t expect ryan to also drop his pants at the end haha. 0.o that was definitely really fun, and good job rudy! and i love the hands section at the end xD

kinjaz – not very clean, either at the beginning or throughout, but great use of the bleachers and formation changes.  ooh like the smooth action off to the side (by villain…?).  the middle to end section was pretty good too.  interesting – this was the first time that the didn’t start out with their voice over.

super cr3w – not sure how i feel about that beginning… and they are really into their leg squares this performance haha. the seesaw in the middle was pretty cool and there was good footwork more or less (though not greatly in sync) and that middle solo with the spins was pretty crazy.  they did do a more emotional/R&B show than usual, but yeah.. i think they were kind of messy in terms of both choreo and in sync-ness.

meh, i would keep quest and kinjaz… but based on comments and quest’s page (gah it keeps on letting me know that at least quest made it lol, which is great, but i don’t want to know that before i get to watch! >.<), i’m guessing it’s gonna be quest and super cr3w -.-||  also why is jason holding that card if there’s no information in there? -.-||

whoa what?!?!?!! all of them got sent to the finale?! LOL that’s awesome. the joy on the stage there lol. so much relief on stage. i bet that means they’re all going to have a bunch of fun on stage.

quest – LOL post-apocalyptic.. i can so see quest liking that haha.  looking forward to it! 😀  oh no what?! last performance for quest period?! WHAT?! :((((  oh man lol love the rocker thing going on at the beginning w/ ryan.  ok, kinda slow at the beginning, but love the section in the middle, and man rudy – awesome solo – i can see why they really wanted him on the show. strong showing towards the end, love the last section. and the shields and stuff that’s awesome.

kinjaz – ooh a sensei will make an appearance eh? that should be fun. great use of the screens to showcase different people, and i liked the section with the sensei out and the hands behind the screens.  awesome.  great concept, great hits, and overall good performance.  man, i don’t even know if i had to vote at this point, whether i’d vote for quest or kinjaz cuz this performance may have been better in my mind, as much as i love quest.  i’ll have to rewatch before making m judgement.

super cr3w – ooh a violin ehhhh? that should be interesting. ohh he’s actually playing it on stage in real time! that’s kinda cool – nice opening.  holy crack, whowever was doing those high jumps across the stage man… that guy has super crazy high jumps.  overall a pretty nice set – in a way, like one of the commentors said, remniscent of quest’s orquestra performance at the end of season 3, including the ending where they jumped over everyone’s back after the bow (dang 5 guys! running jump, but still).

oh man, i don’t even know anymore.  i love quest, and always respect them, but for some reason, maybe because the sets are longer this time (?), or there wasn’t an equivalent to beat freaks or a shane sparks to light a fire under them or they’re just older or something.. but it just seems like they may have dropped the ball this season, and especially at the end :\  of the 3, i think theirs was probably the less memorable, if only because it’s so similar to what they’ve done before and other than the costuming and the props, there wasn’t much else that was memorable. :\  honestly a little disappointed, but will watch again before voting.


on a completely separate note, I thought I’d finally avoided getting eaten alive by bugs this summer. welp, yesterday i decided to spontaneously go meet someone at a park.  and now i have numerous bug bites on all limbs. sigh. i should learn to wear long pants around here in the summer >.<  worst time too, since dragoncon is in a week and i’m going to be wearing a sort of short skirt… those bugbites aren’t going to look great on this character >.< bah. do i need to give up going to this/cosplaying?! >.<