so… i just read through some of my latest posts last night and realized… dang, i’m sort of negative on here a lot haha.  i guess that makes sense – generally people blog if they’re feeling strongly (or at least strongER) about certain things, and for the most part, that tends to be negative, though of course there is the odd good day that gets posted about. but yeah, mental note: post some more happy things on here too sometimes! XD  or at least just things, without giving it a negative bent.

along that vein – a few days ago, i was talking to my mom, and we realized that pursuing my current degree was not exactly either of our wishes – that there was some misunderstandings about expectations and such… and while i certainly did have interest in learning about these fields, it wasn’t necessarily my passion. and so it ended up that she was surprised i was going this route, and i was shocked that she was surprised i was going this route, and it was all a big mess haha.  but our conclusion was that this was not a path that either of us had chosen… but rather, it was what God had chosen for me.  this i could see, and i feel that is it true. after all, the whole reason i got in was through Him, and the only reason i ended up coming here after really hesitating/being very reluctant to come was because i felt that this was what God was calling me to do.  so i just need to keep trusting that He has plans for me to be here, to get these degrees, for whatever reason that may be.

also on a positive happy note, just thought i should put this vid up here that i’ve grown to love and played on repeat when i first discovered it (and will jay haha). i’d put it on fb a while back, but i think it’s good enough to also put here – it has a great message, cute vid, a catchy tune… and i really have no idea why it’s not more popular right now.  but anyway here ya go!

hope he stays in as one of jay chou’s 四長 for the voice in china! ^.^


edit: OMG will jay is just too cute. there’s something about the innocence in him that i just really like. i really hope he can stay that way.  and “youth” was a great description for his music… that’s probably a part of it. may you always be so lighthearted and joyful about the world will jay 🙂