it’s 那英’s week this week!  darn, was looking forward to harlem’s since JJLin just went on the set to help him out, but I guess it’s going to be next week or so.

Hmm, this first set – the girl with the pink hair definitely sang out of tune quite a bit, and her voice wasn’t that rich as the other girl :\ but interesting that they got equal amount of votes from the other teachers.  oh? surprising, she was chosen after all.  Super touching speeches though on both ends T__T

oh man, this is going to be hard – i love the 2 girls, but the guy’s sound is really nice too. T__T  and oh man, 3 part harmony is not easy with 2 vs 1.  but they’re doing pretty good. man, i really like this guy’s voice, but the girls are such a good team too… that’s hard.  i almost think his singing is stronger, but he has also messed up a little more on lyrics or not being as sure of his intonation/rhythm at the beginning.  oh man T__T.  omg T_____T the tears T___T he cried that they had to leave, not that he got to stay. that was so T_____T WAHHHH *onions*

i’m so glad the thai girl stayed as her voice is amazing, but dang, didn’t know the other girl was deaf in one ear either (and neither did the judges at that one moment).  this show really brings together people of all backgrounds it looks like. which is part of what makes it such a good show.

YAYY chang yu!  so glad he was able to stay and be the first of the 四長! and lol i know she’s sad – boy against boy, girl against girl haha.  that’s gonna be hard.  I bet she’s going to pick one of the guys (probably the 2nd one) and keep both girls.  oh? most of the other teachers want both. interesting. i wonder who she’ll pick.  WHATTT?! interesting. i’m surprised. i thought she’d keep both girls since they’re both different – one has a sweet strong voice, and the other would be good against like 貝貝 and the other really strong girl in jay chou’s team. i’m guessing she’ll pick the HK girl for that if nothing else. and she has a pretty good grasp of different languages, as she just showcased today.  ahhhh but the thai girl is SO FREAKING GOOD! i can’t believe her voice… it seems like it should belong to a much older woman. a;lsjidfal;ewiht;laewirh wah. oh YAYYY! i’m so glad it was her! sorry to the hk girl, but phew. i’m glad all the ones i wanted stayed (except saya… 😦 i really liked her too).

this show man. too much feels haha. T___T