sigh. it’s so easy to get in a funk about all that needs to be done instead of just DOING it. a problem i often run into, which probably explains my terrible procrastination tendencies.  like, all the measuring and cutting took about 2-3 hours, and paint 1 hour.  then i spent an hour or two eating dinner, reading up on stuff, and ok, to be fair, i had to do my hw for tomorrow, so most of it was watching the hour long documentary we’re supposed to comment on, but still. a;sdkjf;aliehwe and it’s 10pm already and gahhh.  haven’t even showered or packed yet. need to do that at some point.  luckily i found out i have an extra hour tomorrow since my ride is leaving an hour later than expected. whoo hoo!


edit: oh man, i have so much left to go, but it is FINALLY starting to come together, which makes me super excited!  YAYAYAYAY.  still probably going to end up needing to pack my sewing machine and stuff to work on friday after i get there, but still. I CAN SEE IT TAKING SHAPE!  few things are more satisfying in life than creating something out of nothing and seeing it come out in a recognizable form XD