If I had to distill all of what I gleaned from Dragon Con (panels) this weekend into one message, it would be this: no matter what it is you do, somebody out there will like it.  Someone out there may even like it so much they will want to follow you and your artistic progress.  So as they say, “you do you.”

And just do it.  Create.  MAKE something, and put it out there for the world to see.  Go on stage or on the street somewhere and perform.  Put out that video, or manuscript, or artwork. Don’t be afraid.  Why?  Because 1) it’s the best way to get feedback and learn from it, and again 2), someone will like it.  And if what you do can inspire one person, or make one person’s day better, that’s worth it.

lol this post is so reminiscent of the way one of my friends writes.  clearly i’ve been talking with/reading his stuff too much lately.  writing really does often reflect what you’ve been reading most (at least for me).

i really want to get involved with my creative side after all the inspiration from the con.  but there is so much i need to catch up on… T___T sigh.  hopefully will be able to post more about it later as i learned a TON this weekend, but we’ll see whether my brain has the capacity to or not.