Yayyy Harlem and JJLin!! finally!

Both have strong voices in this first round, but I think I prefer 李文慧 right now.  The other girl seems to have a um.. distinct accent or something when speaking that makes it hard to understand her.  Also 李文慧 has good voice inflections and can also shout with the best of them.  Hmm, seems like the teachers prefer the raspy character voice. Mehh

LOL Harlem’s gift is the only one of the 4 teachers doesn’t actually have anything to do with music XP  though i guess maybe it’s for performances? hahaha. aww they hugged each other at the end… that’s sweet

uh what, where did this guy come from o.0 as usual, there are people i feel like that weren’t shown on previous episodes 0.o haha anyway. oh whoa or maybe he just looks super different w/ his hair up instead of in a bowl cut 0.o whoa hair really makes a difference haha! i like his voice better (i promise it’s not cuz of looks! lol) he has a good crooning voice. i don’t really like her style, but she definitely is a good belter. man, gonna be a hard decision i think.

both are pretty good – again just different voice types. but i like the guy with the clearer sound, who i liked before, even though he didn’t start out that strong. he found himself after the long hmmm section haha. and he’s more similar to jjlin, so it’s funny that jjlin liked him haha! i could definitely hear jj in him XP  YAY! finally!  but gah that’s hard. i liked both of them.  and you can tell how good friends they became over the last month oh man, i’m like in tears for them too T___T

man the girls are pretty equal to me in terms of singing ability :\ OMGAWD THE TEARS!!! and ahh i didn’t expect her to be chosen. but man, that taiwanese girl T___T she was so sweet and nice and wahhhh T___T

ah another unexpected choice.  wahhh T__T

hm don’t recall ever seeing the guy from taiwan.  i don’t think he’s as suited to rock music as the other guy, though i like his sound better. but i’m almost sure harlem’s going to choose the other guy lol

oh man, i just realized who this girl (the 2nd in the pk for 4長) reminds me of!  she reminds me of the girl from wang fong’s group who got PK’d off – the girl with the dreads. man. i bet they’re gonna pick her, just because her voice is so distinctive.  oh interesting. forgot he could choose both.

OH NO!!! i was just thinking i hope these two don’t PK b/c i think they’re the next 2 strongest in this team… but oh well… and oh no. i think he was too nervous… kinda similar to what happened with will jay T___T the 2nd guy was definitely better performance-wise T__T  yupp…  and of course they picked the girl.  welp that’s it this week.  i have to agree with my friend from lab… i’m not sure any of these will be the champs but we’ll see.

lol the sounds 那英 is making sounds a lot like wobbuffet! hahaha

ooh looking forward to next week!  那英 vs jay chou, harlem vs wang fong.  I think that’s kinda the more even pairing actually at this point. good luck!