it’s funny how sometimes it’s the small things that can totally brighten one’s day.  this weekend for example, i was SO excited b/c i finally found an entire bookshelf section (2 actually) that was dedicated purely to the animorphs at 2nd and charles. OMG!!! ahhhh! and another whole bookshelf section for artemis fowl.  it was AMAZING.  i literally spent 30 min – 1 hr in front of those shelves just picking the best books from the bunch, with the best quality.  and for the most part, each book was <$2. it was seriously amazing. i was so freaking happy haha. i’ve always wanted to have my own copies, especially of the animorphs books (i only ever bought 1 as a kid – #10, and it wasn’t my favorite one), but i’ve never been able to find them, or at least not the earlier non-ghostwritten ones/in good condition, so it was like a treasure chest that day haha ^.^!!!  i only bought one that was kinda in bad shape, but it was the first of tobias’s books and the only one there, so had to get it (it also smells like smoke for some reason, which i discovered after opening it to read >.< but oh well).  i’ve re-read 3-4 already, and KA and jakemates’s AMA’s on reddit again, which has been a nice trip through nostalgia.  one of those was the last book also, which i again felt like blahhh T____T at the end of it. *sigh* T__T

today, it was cooking that made my day awesome. haven’t made pasta in a while, or had good home-cooked stuff in a while, so after all this free food, which consists of salads or sandwiches or just like… not happy stomach stuff, it was a really welcome change.  too welcome… i ended up eating all the pasta i cooked, which usually would have been enough for 2 pretty substantial meals lol >.<  but it was just too good *cries* haha. and watched shokugeki while eating, which is always fun haha.  lots of fanservice these last times though o.0 but yeah. good food ^.^ though it made me lazy and not go to growth group. 😦 bad me.  sigh.  so i better get some hw done and stuff instead! and/or actually sleep early for once.


edit: whoa whoa. I just read this article about the Animorphs (which articulates many of the reasons i like it, though not all)… and wait, scholastic pulled the plug on the relaunch of the series?! i was so glad that the new generation would be able to appreciate these books! (despite the much uglier – in my opinion – book covers, which i bet may be part of the reason they weren’t very popular if that was the case). that sucks :\  all the more glad i was able to find these few then! T___T  hm… i wonder if that means the pdf ebooks are back up on RAF?! … darn looks like not 😦  ooh but found it on reddit!!! thanks animorph! :DDD