C/p’ed from my FB basically, but here:

This video shows some different ways of saying stuff in China and Taiwan… dang.  I never realized some of these phrases were specific to Taiwan until now!  Pretttyyy trippy.  even stuff like 早安 and 泡麵… dang. so maybe i sound more taiwanese to mainlanders not only because of the accent, but because of use of words like these 0.o (also the 小姐 stuff in china i was totally unaware of until like… a year or two ago @__@).  Also explains the “波羅麵包” … i always wondered where “波羅” came from, even after i finally found out it meant pineapple b/c no one i knew called pineapple that… and OHHH maybe that was ANOTHER reason why no one in 5-6 china markets knew what i meant by “鳳梨酥”!!! not only b/c it’s a taiwanese thing, but also b/c maybe they had no idea what a 鳳梨 was! @___@ IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. lolol!

also we presented our posters to RIME week today.  got some good feedback, and while not many stopped by my poster, those who did did seem to find it interesting, so that was exciting 🙂  And John approved of my poster more than the other one, since unlike the other one, it didn’t have typos and other stuff XP  So I feel kind of vindicated in how i like doing things, even if it takes extra effort to make sure things are nice and presentable. though i noticed the logo displacement at top b/c i’d asked for a higher res version of it and it was put in, which was great since the only one i could find at all was blurry, but unfortunately it was placed off center for the space it should have gone in, so it looked pretty out of place >.< ah well. Overall i think it went pretty decently. it’s definitely the first time i’ve been so talkative/sure of my poster presentation at least.  and oddly enough, some of my mstp classmates who happened to also be presenting actually came over to say hi for once.

my mouse is also being really odd today.  it suddenly stopped being sensitive at all, and after it sort of came back to normal, there are still other weird things going on, like me not being able to see some of what i’m typing now due to the page not scrolling up correctly >.< anyways.