ahhhh epic battle COMMENCE 😀  Jay Chou vs 那英! I actually like almost all the ones on stage (i think i basically mentioned all of them in my first post, except that one girl on jay chou’s team who i don’t even remember auditioning.

oh interesting. looks like audience chooses this week, but the teachers have one chance to save someone if they disagree.  ooh, i’m glad the other students who were pk’ed out are in the audience! 🙂 that’s nice.

ahh lang de la mu is so good. love her voice, and it shined especially in contrast to her teammates who started out the show with a nice mellow, low vib. and omggg i really like the purity of 長宇’s voice.  omg 那英 w/ the rapping hahaha – that was surprising. oh man.. 那英 throwing down the guantlet! (whoa after she said it was her first time rapping even after singing for 40 years. wow hahah – that’s pretty darn good for a first time!)

now jay chou’s group – yeah 李安! starting out strong!  And whoa just realized 那英 and jay’s teams are literally the opposite – 那英 has 3 guys and 1 girl, jay has 3 girls w/ 1 guy.  hahaha that little rap section. but aww i actually really like this song. XD  good job to jay’s team too.  man this is gonna be hard haha. i think 那英 for the most part has the stronger singers, but jay has a couple w/ distinctive features like 陳梓童 and 李安.

oh man.  i really hope 長宇 can stay! he’s so good at the songs that start slow and get gradually warmer.. ahh i just love his voice tone and purity.  and he has a strong sound too when he wants to get there. very moving.  oh man, but the girl is really good too.  this was a good match-up, in terms of both of the singers are strong in this type of song. i don’t know what it is though… i think she has a really good voice and she seems like a really nice person… but for some reason i don’t a very strong impression from her – she just seems like every other very talented singer, but not like “star” quality… and i guess now i know that that means, and maybe what people are looking for when they say that. :\  which is kinda weird, because in some ways, i think she even has more (facial) expressions than 長宇, and yet my impression of him and his singing is stronger.  oh noooooo :((( *cries* :((( but legit, she is a really good singer.

rofl well… just statistics-wise, their predictions of each other would make sense. haha.  i knew jay would pick 陳梓童 next hahaha. oh man though… these two have such different personalities/singing styles lol. like the most tomboyish girl w/ the most feminine girl ahahaha.  i think regardless, they’re both going to be saved (as in the teacher who loses will save their respective girls).  HAHAHA 拉姆 is so cute hahah. and ahhh she has SUCH a good voice. i admire her self confidence (though with a voice like that, maybe it’s not too surprising haha). but yeah, i would never have been that confident at 16, especially if i was the youngest of all the contestants.  she’d better be picked.  as much as like 童童, in terms of voice quality and sound, it should be 拉姆’s.  though i hope jay saves 童童. … oh man, i might have to take that back. 童童 actually has a pretty impressive singing voice when she’s not rapping 0.o  and dang her english is good hahaha! gah this is gonna be another close one. @__@ yeah man… i would not be surprised if she took the championship this season.  she has such versatility and stage presence haha. man, love her.

it’s hard to have all of 那英’s contestants go first… i hope they switch it up.  but yeah, i really hope both of them stay. oh man… 那英 is getting crushed T__T  that whole first row choosing jay chou, dang 0.o poor 拉姆. she’s so adorable. didn’t expect it to be so different score-wise, but i guess the stage presence really won them over. this is interesting though…i wonder who she’s saving her “save” button for?

oh gosh hahaha another good match-up.  they have similar singing styles.  gah, another hard choice.  張磊 is starting out pretty well.  i’ve noticed 那英’s group seems to all be on the mellow side, and they don’t really get to showcase the range of their voices, both in terms of volume or in pitch… which seems to be the opposite of what jay’s doing.  i think maybe she’s playing it a bit too safe. though actually, i really wish all these people got to face off in the finals.. i think right now we’re weeding out all the strong singers… the other two teams have weaker singers in my opinion, so this is kinda sucky that 那英’s singers are all getting picked off today.  李安 of course sang well as well.

what is up with all the music industry professionals saying good things about 那英’s singers, and then all of them choosing jay chou’s?! >.<  are they picking the cuts to put in so we get representatives from both sides?  oh HOLY CRACK 1st row was all 那英?! surprising 0.o WHAT all the 2nd row too?! … and 3rd?! holy what?! are they being influenced by the previous rows?  @___@ omg what a difference.. i’m actually like shocked.  poor 李安 😦 😦 😦 i’m surprised jay didn’t save him too 0.o oh… just kidding. ok hahaha i was gonna say… really?!?! he would save it for the other contestant? i mean, she’s good too, but i think he’s way stronger.

man, i really think 那英 should have saved one of the first two :\, but anyway. maybe she was saving it for him if she needed it.  but yeah, good start – wow, he always surprises me when he gets loud. definitely a crowd favorite.  the girl’s voice is also very pure and thick, so also going to be a hard choice. wonder if she’s going to switch to chinese at some point. op, there it is. ah, looks like buo lun was chosen after all.

onto next week!