it’s funny how sometimes talking/hearing from someone from your past just makes you smile, even if the interaction is really short, or snarky, or in this case, both.

today, i did one of the worst things you can do to someone on their birthday.  not only did i forget it was his birthday, but i texted him (originally only) to ask him something for someone else (who btw, also randomly msged me on fb yesterday for this favor and 1) i’m not close to them at all, 2) i hadn’t talked to them in literal years, and 3) i’m not even in the area).  ^.^|| after which he was like “is that all you wanted to say? -.-” to which i responded “yes? was i supposed to say anything else?” and then i felt a little ashamed of myself so made up for it by explaining why the random message, and also asking how he was doing. he pouted “hmph. i’m not talking to you.” to which i laughed at our role reversal since it’s usually me being mock offended… little did i know just how much the role reversal… i used to care a lot about birthdays, in relation to friends.  meaning, i used to remember important people’s birthdays, and would be pretty upset/hurt if they didn’t remember mine.  he was one of those ppl (who both i remembered and got him stuff, and he forgot respectively, lol -.-||)  lately though, i haven’t remembered anyone’s birthday really, and actually in the last couple years or so, he’s actually remembered mine (well.. sort of… sometimes he’s off by a month and/or a few days, but it’s the thought that counts right?) whereas i haven’t even thought of his since i felt maybe it hurt too much to remember, back sometime in college maybe.  plus we don’t talk that much on a normal basis.

but yeah.  so i called to say happy birthday after i realized haha, and he was busy and still pouty, so he said he’d call later. both phone calls were pretty short – the first probably less than a minute, and the next probably under 5.  and even though i’d decided last year that i was no longer interested, it still made me smile… maybe from nostalgia.  the same happened when i called another friend today, who btw has been super elusive over the last couple days -.-|| but even though all i got was his voicemail, just hearing his voice through that also made me smile, like “ah, i miss this.”  even though it’s kinda weird to feel that way since i know he’s dating my friend.  i don’t know what it is with that. maybe i just have a soft spot in my heart for any guy i’ve ever had even a slight/short-lived crush (or even thought in that direction) for, regardless of how much they’ve changed or how they are towards me (though of course, if they haven’t changed much, it’s better usually b/c the nostalgia wave is kinda nice XP).  like yesterday i was having a really bad day, and talking to my mom helped a lot actually (and was actually useful in terms of knowing what to do next, and also giving peace of mind) – which i guess is another familiar voice – but i also ended up talking to spencer for like 3 hours 0.o and that was really nice too, i guess b/c he fits the above criteria, and it’s just nice sometimes having a friendship that you know you can always pick right up as if you’ve never left. even though other that gw2, we literally haven’t seen or spoken to each other in almost a decade. … @__________@ SCARY THOUGHT.  anyway.

it’s been a long day. just had another revelation about what to do about the whole situation from yesterday, so typed a long e-mail again, and hopefully it’ll resolve well.  Finally finished hemming my skirt for mars. ho. ly. crack.  it took freaking forever.  blind stitch hemming basically 2 circle skirt’s worth of skirting = REALLY DIFFICULT.  and that’s AFTER first hemming the bottom with overcasting b/c bridal satin really likes to fray.  and now i know how to exchange sewing machine feet (which is actually really easy) and many different ways to hem stuff, courtesy of experience, youtube, and the internet.  but yeah. kinda sad that that was the only thing i was able to do today.. and i pretty much spent all night on it T__T.  so things still left to do, in rough order:

  • sew bottom flaps and elastic into the leg-holes.  eventually need to sew on snaps
  • pin and sew skirting to bottom
  • sew hip roll to top’s bottom edge.
  • sew back closed, and tuck/hem edge of neck-hole
  • sew hip roll, top, skirt, and bottom all together
  • make shoulder rolls/gauzy piece.  attach both to armholes
  • make back ribbon (requires interfacing and more overcast hemming… T__T)
  • Also need to make velcro thingies to put bows on.  OH SHOOT I FORGOT TO BUY A PIN BACKING FOR THE HEART AHHH >.<!!!
  • MAKE COLLAR – requires bias tape shenanigans which is going to take forever to figure out, on top of figuring out the shape itself. also need to figure out snaps.
  • MAKE GLOVE ROLLS – this is the one thing i haven’t even attempted any mock-ups or even patterns for

And because of fail accessories transportation when i thought i’d make this in time for dragoncon but not, and they all stuck together, need to repaint (and probably sand):

  • both earrings
  • top of heart bauble
  • weather tiara w/ dark paint

there is like… no way i’m going to finish this in time. especially since i actually need to be in lab a good part of the day tomorrow. *cries* and i have hw due thurs. *cries even more* and i haven’t even started packing yet… >.<